Magnetic Safety Stirrups Ophena S Silver
Magnetic Safety Stirrups Ophena S Onyx Black
Magnetic Safety Stirrups Ophena S Rose Temptation
Magnetic stirrups Ophena S (silver) spinning
Magnetic boot attachment to safety stirrups Ophena S
Magnetic Safety Stirrups Ophena S Silver Top View
Magnetic Safety Stirrups Ophena S Onyx Black Top View
Magnetic Safety Stirrups Ophena S Rose Temptation
Ophena S in silver attached to a shoe
Ophena S in Silver standing on a saddle

Magnetic Safety Stirrups Ophena S

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  • Safe, open design. Magnetic grip.
  • Magnetic insoles included. No special boots needed.
  • Free worldwide shipping
Insole Size

    Increase your control with the magnetic system: keeps your feet safely attached to the stirrups and helps you stay in control even in hectic situations.

    Improve your seat in weeks, not years. A good seat is important and takes time to develop. Our magnetic stirrups have helped thousands of riders make long-lasting improvements by keeping your feet in the right place, improving your leg position, and allowing you to focus on your seat and body posture. (Explore related reviews.)

    Become more balanced due to an improved foot and leg position. (Explore related reviews.)

    Gain confidence due to higher safety and control. This confidence will in turn will make you ride even better and increase your confidence even further. A real positive feedback loop. (Explore related reviews.)

    Stop losing stirrups with our magnetic system that keeps your stirrups in place and safely releases in case of an accident. (Explore related reviews.)

    Relief knee pain by allowing your legs to relax and release pressure from the stirrups. (Explore related reviews.)

    We believe in our products and want you to be completely satisfied. Therefore we offer a unique 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee on our stirrups and a 60-day return period on other products.

    60-Day Money Back Guarantee: You can order our stirrups risk-free and test them for up to 60 days. If you're not satisfied, we'll take them back.

    60-Day Return Period: You have up to 60 days to return the product to us. 

    Please find conditions and details here.

    This product ships free worldwide. All our shipments are trackable.

    Returns are charged as follows (we provide the label):

    • Within the European Union (EU): 9€
    • Sweden: 69 SEK
    • USA: 20USD
    • United Kingdom: 12GBP
    • Switzerland: 18CHF
    • Rest of the world: 20€

    Taxes and customs duties are covered by us for deliveries to these countries:

    • Any country in the European Union (EU)
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    The difference between the two versions is the tread.

    Ophena S has a tread made of glas fibre-reinforced plastics. Ophena S Pro features an aluminium tread with a more grippy surface. Both products have the same magnetic system and other features, but the Pro gives you even more grip.

    Click here for a detailed comparison and advice on which to choose.

    By default, our magnetic safety stirrups come with our Standard insoles. If you wish to receive the stronger PLUS version with your order, you can click the "customise insoles" button and select the PLUS version for a small additional cost. The differences between the two versions are explained in the following: 

    STANDARD insoles come with our magnetic safety stirrups by default. They offer just the right magnetic power for most cases: Your stirrups stay at your feet while riding, but still allow you to release them with a simple motion. The vast majority of our customers - over 95% - are perfectly happy with this version.

    PLUS insoles are for those who need (or want) a little more adhesion. We usually recommend them to professional riders as well as para riders. They also work great for boots with thicker soles, to balance out the loss in magnetic power that comes with thicker shoe soles. Note that the PLUS version is ca. 6mm thick, which is 1mm more than the STANDARD version. 

    Both versions release in case of a fall.

    Our magnetic insoles have a fixed magnetic system, which is placed below the ball of the foot - for the perfect balance and flexibility. It's the position recommended by us and most riding instructors. Over 96% of our customers are happy with this position.

    That said, some riders have personal preferences and we can accommodate those by offering alternative magnet positions for our insoles in size EU37 and larger. If you know that you are a toe rider, you can review the available magnet positions for your shoe size by downloading these PDFs.

    The PDFs indicate the standard position we deliver. If you wish to get one of the alternative positions, simply select your insole size (e.g. EU39), then click the small button below the insole size choice to customise your magnet position.

    For quick help, we have compiled answers to many frequently asked questions in our help center.

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    The Magnetic Safety Stirrup™ with a unique open design, advanced magnetic system and Smart Attach™.
    Built for unprecedented safety, grip and performance.

    Safety Stirrup Ophena S in color silver shown from the side.
    Open Design
    Maximum Safety

    Ophena S has been developed for highest safety. Its open design minimises the risk of your feet getting caught. And the magnetic system releases you safely in case of a fall.

    Magnetic Insoles
    Easy Setup

    The stirrups include a pair of magnetic insoles, which generate a magnetic connection between the stirrups and your boots. This connection provides you with better grip and control.

    No special riding boots needed.

    Ophena's magnetic insoles white background
    gif showing the steps of attaching stirrup leathers using ophena's smart attach technology
    Smart Attach™
    Attachment Reinvented

    The patented Smart Attach™️ technology makes attachment and detachment easier and quicker. No need to remove the stirrup leathers from the saddle. This feature also preserves your stirrup leathers. And of course, the Ophena stirrups can still be run up and attached at the top of the saddle when not in use.

    Learn More

    Ophena's 60-day money-back guarantee
    Try them for 60 days

    We want you to be fully satisfied. Therefore you can try our stirrups for up to 60 days. Use them as you like and return them for a full refund if you are not satisfied.

    Next Level
    Riding Performance

    Take your riding to the next level, with our magnetic grip. Improve your control, leg position and confidence, so you can take the next step. Developed for Showjumping, used by riders across all disciplines.

    Compliant with FEI Showjumping, British Showjumping, USEF/USHJA Showjumping and more.

    Rider jumping with Ophena S
    Female rider mounting her horse while using Ophena Safety stirrups in outdoor environment

    And much more...

    • Works with your riding boots
    • Works with normal stirrup leathers
    • Perfect for training and competition alike
    • 4° tilted tread
    • Optimal foot position
    • Increased leg stability
    • FEI Showjumping approved
    • Durable, timeless design
    • Deep centre of gravity
    • Grip in any weather
    • No risk of losing your stirrups
    • Made in Sweden

    Questions and Answers

    Yes, one pair of magnetic insoles is included. Additional pairs can be bought separately here.

    No, we only sell at But all our products come with our unique 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can purchase them, try them, and return them for a full refund if you are not satisfied.

    The difference is the tread: The Ophena S feature a tread made of fiber-reinforced plastic. The Ophena S Pro feature an aluminum tread with diamond-shaped spikes. The Ophena S Pro therefore offers you even more grip. For advice on which one to choose have a look here.

    That depends on country and discipline. Please find an overview here.

    No, but they work perfectly well for women, men and children alike. As long as your shoe size is somewhere between EU32 and EU46 (for conversions, see our sizing guide).

    Conventional stirrups come in different sizes to reduce the risk of losing the stirrup (if the stirrup is too big) or getting caught in the stirrup (if it is too small). Ophena addresses each of these risks with its magnetic system and open design.

    More questions and answers in our helpcenter.

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