Laser Engraving by Ophena. Production process
Engraving "Make it yours" on the Ophena S Silver
Engraving "Make it yours" on the Ophena S Onyx Black
Engraving "Make it yours" on the Ophena S Silver
Engraving "Make it Yours" on the safety stirrups Ophena A Black
Engraving "Make it Yours" on the safety stirrups Ophena S Black
Engraving by Ophena

Engraving by Ophena

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  • High-quality permanent engraving
  • The perfect way to make a gift unique
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Make your stirrups uniquely yours. With individual laser engraving by Ophena.

Unmistakably Yours
The final touch

Ophena stirrups are already an eye-catcher on a distance – and now even more so up close. Double down with this unique option and make your stirrups unmistakably yours.

Quality Marking
Make it last

Engraved with the latest laser technology. For a permanent, long-lasting result. Products in different colours - e.g. Silver and Onyx Black - come with their own unique engraving appearance.

Ophena S being engraved by laser machine
Ophena S stirrup engraved with the phrase ride with confidence
Ride with confidence
Tell your story

Wear your personal motto, a motivational quote, or that one thing that you want to remind yourself everyday.

Wrap it up
Make your gift truly unique

Gifting an Ophena product already guarantees an outstanding experience. An individual engraving truly is the cherry on top and becomes visible already during the unboxing experience.

Ophena S stirrup engraved with the phrase gift it close up

Questions & Answers

No, you can still make use of our Money-back Guarantee. We will refund 100% of the product purchase price. Only the engraving service itself is non-refundable.

We are pretty quick, but please allow for an additional 1-3 days processing time.

Yes. We will engrave both stirrups with the engraving text you choose. If you wish to have two different engravings - one for each stirrup - please contact us before placing your order. We can create a custom order for you. The second stirrup’s engraving comes at 50% off.

Yes. We are using state-of-the art laser machines and engrave right into the steel.

No. We center the engraving on the stainless steel, right below the Ophena Logo (see pictures).

You can find more answers in our helpcenter.

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