Engraving by Ophena
Engraving by Ophena
Engraving by Ophena
Engraving by Ophena

Engraving by Ophena

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Make your stirrups uniquely yours. With individual laser engraving by Ophena.

Unmistakably Yours

The final touch

Quality Marking

Make it last

Ride with confidence

Tell your story

Wrap it up

Make your gift truly unique


Does engraving affect my 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee?
No, you can still make use of our Money-back Guarantee. We will refund 100% of the product purchase price incl. the engraving price.

How long does the engraving process take?
We are pretty quick, but please allow for an additional 1-3 days processing time.

Will you engrave both stirrups?
Yes. We will engrave both stirrups with the engraving text you choose. If you wish to have two different engravings - one for each stirrup - please contact us before placing your order. We can create a custom order for you. The second stirrup’s engraving comes at 50% off.

Is the engraving durable?
Yes. We are using state-of-the art laser machines and engrave right into the steel.

Can I choose the position of the engraving on the stirrups?
No. We center the engraving on the stainless steel, right below the Ophena Logo (see pictures).