Magnetic insoles for use with magnetic safety stirrups by Ophena
Ophena Magnetic Insoles on wood
Ophena Magnetic Insoles packed down
Ophena Magnetic Insoles on straw, in a stable environment

Magnetic Insoles

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  • Compatible with Ophena S and Ophena S Pro
  • Works with your riding boots
  • Available in two strengths
Magnetic Strength

    Our magnetic stirrups always contain the same magnets, but the magnetic strength can be varied by choosing a different insole model as follows:

    STANDARD insoles come with our magnetic safety stirrups by default. They offer just the right magnetic power for most cases: Your stirrups stay at your feet while riding, but still allow you to release them with a simple motion. The vast majority of our customers - over 95% - are perfectly happy with this version.

    PLUS insoles are for those who need (or want) a little more adhesion. We usually recommend them to professional riders as well as para riders. They also work great for boots with thicker soles, to balance out the loss in magnetic power that comes with thicker shoe soles. Note that the PLUS version is ca. 6mm thick, which is 1mm more than the STANDARD version. 

    Both versions release in case of a fall.

    Our magnetic insoles have a fixed magnetic system, which is placed below the ball of the foot - for the perfect balance and flexibility. It's the position recommended by us and most riding instructors. Over 96% of our customers are happy with this position.

    That said, some riders have personal preferences and we can accommodate those by offering alternative magnet positions for our insoles in size EU37 and larger. If you know that you are a toe rider, you can review the available magnet positions for your shoe size by downloading these PDFs.

    The PDFs indicate the standard position we deliver. If you wish to get one of the alternative positions, simply select your insole size (e.g. EU39), then click the small button below the insole size choice to customise your magnet position.

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    These magnetic insoles integrate our renowned magnetic system, which was specifically developed for our magnetic safety stirrups Ophena S and Ophena S Pro. One pair of these insoles is included with every pair of magnetic stirrups, but additional insoles can easily be bought here. Note that your insoles may come with a brown or black surface.

    How it works:

    You simply place the insoles in your riding boots and are ready to ride. Enjoy the magnetic connection with your Ophena S or Ophena S Pro Magnetic safety stirrups.


    Your advantages:

    • Super quick setup
    • No special riding boots needed
    • Additional insoles can be bought at any point


    Other information:

    The insoles consist of four layers, constructed to give you maximum comfort, while keeping a slim appearance with a thickness of only 5mm. In case you already have insoles in your riding boots, we generally recommend to replace them with the magnetic insoles. But we also know riders who just put them below their existing insoles. This is the updated version of our insole with over 5 improvements for more comfort and durability.

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