The Ophena Story

The beginning
Mission Safety

In 2017 we set out to build a better and safer stirrup. We talked to hundreds of riders and compared available safety stirrups. What we found was shocking: Over 60% of riders we surveyed are afraid of getting caught in their stirrups. And worse: People still got caught - even in their "safety stirrups".

It happened to beginners and advanced riders alike, and led to a lack of confidence, which diminished the riding experience and slowed progress.

Pair of Ophena S magnetic safety stirrups in silver
A Revolutionary Product
The Magnetic Safety Stirrup™

Based on our research, we started developing what later became the Ophena S - an open stirrup with a magnetic system that provides superior safety and has since helped thousands of riders gain confidence and improve their riding experience.

November 2018 | The Launch
Immediate Success

We launched the stirrups for pre-order towards the end of 2018. Hundreds of riders loved the idea and placed their order. Delivery followed in spring 2019 and the feedback was overwhelming. Since then these stirrups have received over 1700 reviews with a stunning average rating of 4.9/5 stars. Meanwhile we have been improving and perfecting the product.

Rider mounting horse using Ophena Stirrups
April 2020 | New Release
Onyx Black

Initially, the Ophena S were only available in a high-polish silver. Then we added a new color, applied through an elaborate coating process that takes place in a vacuum and leads to oustanding durability and a beautiful glass-like appearance. Really beautiful, really Ophena.

August 2020 | New Release
Plus Insoles

Since some riding boots feature thicker soles than others, and some riders prefer more magnetic grip than others, we decided to add a new version of our insoles to our product line-up. The so-called Plus insoles are 1mm thicker and feature stronger magnets.

Ophena S being engraved by laser machine
July 2021 | New Release

A core belief at Ophena has always been to offer exclusivity and a way to personalise the experience. With advanced laser engraving, done within hours after order placement, you can now laser engrave your name (or anything) to your stirrups.

August 2021 | New Release
Ophena S Pro

Trying to answer the question of how to make the Ophena stirrups even better, we started the development of a new grip. Made from Aluminium and tested with professional showjumpers, this grip provides traction even in the most extreme situations. It also allows for better use of the stirrups without magnetic insoles.

Ophena S Onyx Black Pro Grid close up  from the top
March 2022 | New Release
Ophena A

Over time, we received many requests to develop non-magnetic safety stirrups as well. Especially from dressage riders who were not allowed to use magnetic stirrups in competition. So we set out to develop a new pair of stirrups just as elegant and beautiful - and with a new kind of innovative safety technology.

June 2022 | Collaboration
Saint Laurent x Ophena

In Summer 2022, Saint Laurent and Ophena released a limited edition of The Magnetic Safety Stirrups™.

Designed by Anthony Vaccarello in collaboration with Ophena. Available exclusively in Saint Laurent Rive Droite stores in Paris and Los Angeles, and on YSL.COM.

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