The Magnetic Safety Stirrup™

Safety and performance. Made extraordinary.

Your next stirrup is more than a stirrup.

Safe Open Design

Getting caught in a stirrup can lead to dangerous accidents. Every aspect of Ophena – from its open design to the magnetic system and grip – is designed to keep you safe, so that you can leave all risks aside and focus on the ride.

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Smart Attach™

Smart Attach™ technology makes attaching and detaching your stirrups quicker and easier than ever before. You no longer need to fully remove the stirrup leather from the saddle, saving time and preserving the leather.

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Magnetic Insole

The magnetic connection between the stirrups and your riding boots gives you additional grip and keeps your feet in the right place. It is enabled by magnetic insoles. Each stirrup comes with a pair of insoles. No specific riding boots are needed. 

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What riders are saying


Revolutionary stirrups. They improved my riding so much and gave me more confidence in the saddle. I will recommend them to anyone who value their safety and comfort.

Sofia R.
United Kingdom

The stirrups are amazing! They look and feel great and the magnetic insoles are very comfy. Also the service Ophena provides is amazing. Always happy to answer any questions and help where needed.

Marit v. D.
The Netherlands

The Ophena S stirrups are really amazing! I feel more safe and in control. My foot easily slipped out when i was falling and i fell to the ground safely. 10/10 recommend.

Kayley G.
United States

These stirrups improved my lateral balance. You feel safe and precise in your legs. A pleasure to ride with! And last but not least, they really look great, and quality is awesome. Thanks Ophena...

Zoe R.

Love. Love. Love mine. Wouldn’t ride with anything else now I feel so much safer and actually fell off in the first week of having them and my feet came away easily.

Nicola E. S.
United Kingdom

These stirrups are simply great, the magnets are extremely effective, strong grip and quick release. They also help with the position of the foot which means they fix the position of the whole leg...

Fanny L.
United States

You've never seen a saddle pad like this.


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