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The Magnetic Safety Stirrup™ with a unique open design, advanced magnetic system and Smart Attach™. 
Built for unprecedented safety, grip and performance.

  • 60-day risk-free trial
  • Including magnetic insoles
  • Free shipping

Our Magnetic Insole come in pre-cut in sizes. The most important information in short:

  • The EU sizes fit most riding boots.
  • Should they be too big, they can be trimmed to fit using a sharp knife or scissors. Be aware of the magnets in the insoles, which attract metallic objects like most knives and scissors.
  • If you wear half-size, please round up to the next size whole size.


Download printable insoles in A4

To see our insole’s exact dimensions and shape, we recommend that you download a zip-folder with printable PDFs. It contains each insole size on an A4 sheet. When printing, make sure to select actual size or 100% scale in the printing dialogue. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the zip-folder with printable PDFs.
  2. Open the PDF with your shoe size (e.g. 39).
  3. Print the document. In the printing dialogue select “actual size” or set the scale to 100%.
  4. Take the print and measure the length of the vertical solid line with a ruler. That length must be as stated right next to the line in millimetres. If the deviation is greater 2mm, the printer scaled the print down. Check step 3.
  5. Cut the insole from the paper, put it into your boots. It should fit tight and not be able to move back and forth.

What if it doesn’t fit?

  • Printed insole is too big: Repeat with a smaller size.
  • Printed insole is too small: Repeat the process with a bigger size.
  • Both don’t really fit, i.e. you would need an intermediate size: Order the bigger size & trim it with scissors or a knife.



Length, EU and UK

Please note that many shoe brands have different sizing for men, women and kids, whereas we do not make such differentiations. The sizing guide below is working well, but we highly recommend to measure the length of your current insoles or print the PDF above for a test.


EU Centimeters* Inches* UK Japan US Women US Men
32 21.3 8.4 Kids 13
33 22 8.7 1
34 22.7 8.9 2
35 23.3 9.2 3
36 23.9 9.4 3.5 22 5.5
37 24.6 9.7 4 23 6.5
38 25.3 10 5 24 7.5
39 25.7 10.1 6 25 8.5 7
40 26.1 10.3 6.5 25.5 9 7.5
41 26.7 10.5 7 26.5 9.5 8
42 27.3 10.7 8 27.5 10.5 9
43 28 11 9 28.5 11 10
44 28.8 11.3 9.5 29 10.5
45 29.5 11.6 10.5 30 11.5
46 30.2 11.9 11 30.5 12


*Length: This is the lengths of the insoles, not the heel-to-toe lengths. Hence, we recommend printing the templates as described above and testing the printed part inside your shoe, rather than measuring your feet.

We believe in our products and it is very important for us that you will be completely satisfied. This is why we offer a unique 60 Day Risk-Free Trial on our all our products (including magnetic safety stirrups), in which you can actually use the product to its full extent while it is in your possession!


How it Works:


The Details – Step by Step

  1. Order a product on our website. (We only sell through this website – no retailers or other online stores.)
  2. We ship the product to you, which typically takes 3-10 working days.
  3. Once you receive the product, you can calmly test and try for up to 60 days.
  4. If you are not 100% satisfied, get in touch with us. For returns from all EU-countries, as well as from the UK, USA, Norway, Switzerland, Australia and Canada, we provide a return label free of charge, for other countries please read here.
  5. Once we receive the return, we will refund the full purchase price.


Common Questions

Can I really use the product?
Yes, absolutely. We actually want you to use the product and test it to its full extend. So you can make sure that you like it long-term 🙂

Why do you offer this guarantee?
We know that our magnetic stirrups are different from other stirrups on the market, so you might not exactly know what to expect. But we also know that you will most certainly fall in love with them – once you tried them. So logically we decided that you should have the chance to try them 🙂
(And frankly, we just don’t see a point in having anybody keep a product they don’t like or get along with.)

What if I have any questions during the test period?
Please get in touch with us at any point through our live chat or contact form. We are here to help and support you.

What if I don’t get along with the product?
That can absolutely happen. We’ve all been there – having ordered a product we really like, but somehow we don’t get along with it. It just doesn’t seem to be the right fit. No worries. We’ve got you covered. That’s what our guarantee is for.

How much money do I get back?
You get back the full purchase price, i.e. the amount of money you paid excluding shipping costs (if you paid any).

How can you afford this guarantee?
We really do put a lot of effort into our products! So we are sure that every product we ship is of highest quality, carefully packed, and just an amazing product. So we don't have many customers returning products, which allows us to offer this guarantee.

Is Ophena well established?
Yes, we are a Swedish company with customers in over 50 countries. We are known for our outstanding customer service and promise we won't disappoint you should any issues arise. Why don’t you check our reviews. 🙂



Open Design

Maximum Safety

Magnetic Insoles

Easy Setup

Smart Attach™

Attachment Reinvented

Takes you to the next level

Riding Performance

And much more...

  • Works with your riding boots
  • Works with normal stirrup leathers
  • Perfect for training and competition alike
  • 4° tilted tread
  • Optimal foot position
  • Increased leg stability
  • FEI Showjumping approved
  • Durable, timeless design
  • Deep centre of gravity
  • Grip in any weather
  • No risk of losing your stirrups
  • Made in Sweden

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13 Sep 2020
Rhiannon M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Save my skin a few times

These are the beat stirrups I have ever used or owned.. They have saved my skin a few times as my mare is sharp when jumping and broncs after fences sometimes. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE! I know the price tag could be viewed as expensive y some but they definitely worth it

Ophena Ophena S ReviewOphena Ophena S Review
04 Sep 2020
Caitlin C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Amazing product!

I purchased my Ophena Stirrups a few months ago and they are just amazing! I was a tad sceptical at first with how strong the magnet would be and whether or not I would be able to disconnect them with ease. but actually they're really nice Stirrups and I feel super secure in them, they are light weight and easy to use. I'm not a very balanced rider as I broke my ankle last year and seem to compensate on my right side so I was always losing my left Stirrup when cantering and schooling. Now with my Ophena Stirrups I no longer have to worry about losing my Stirrup and can concentrate on my balance and sending my horse forward. We have both improved! I cannot recommend the Ophena Stirrups enough and I will definitely never go back to riding in regular Stirrups because not only do you feel secure in them but they are such safe design!

Ophena Ophena S ReviewOphena Ophena S Review
14 Jun 2020
Emma O.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great product *****

absolutely amazing!!! My son jumped in them today and had a couple of moments where he would have lost his stirrups but today not once. They helped him keep his balance as well. They are such a clever stirrup! Will definitely recommend them!

Ophena Ophena S ReviewOphena Ophena S Review
11 May 2020
Aleta O.
Germany Germany
Ich bin begeistert!

Ich bin absolut überzeugt von Ophena! Täglich reite ich 2-3 Springpferde. Das Handling ist einfach und der Halt- auch bei kniffeligen Sprungsituationen - ist sehr gut! Ich springe nur noch mit Ophena Steigbügeln und freue mich, die neuen stärkeren Sohlen auszuprobieren! ALETA O.

Ophena Ophena S ReviewOphena Ophena S Review
05 Sep 2020
Julian J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Ophena review

When I first tried the stirrups I felt quite nervous but excited to try them out. I tried them out cross country on my new boy and I felt amazing, It helped my balance so much and I felt so safe. I felt really stable and secure and I’m sure he could feel the difference too! They’re so amazing and I’m so glad I bought them!

30 Aug 2020
Lea M.
Germany Germany
Nur zu empfehlen

Ich habe mir die Steigbügel bestellt, da ich aufgrund eines kleinen Handicaps neue brauchte. Ich war skeptisch ob sie wirklich halten und ich damit zurecht komme. Sie kamen an und ich habe sie ausprobiert. Ich bin überzeugt, sie geben mir Sicherheit und ich fühle mich wohl. Ich kann sie wirklich empfehlen. Auch der Service ist toll.