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What makes stirrups comfortable

If you spent a lot of time in the saddle, comfort is definitely important (both for you and your horse). Comfortable stirrups make your ride more enjoyable and help to prevent any pain or discomfort.

We believe that stirrups should work with you, not against you. They should provide good support, cushioning and stay on your feet even in hectic situations. They should help you keep your leg calm, improve your foot position, body posture, and enable you to become a better rider. All of this constitutes a better, more comfortable and enjoyable ride. 

Our safety stirrups are built for maximum comfort - read below what other riders say about them.


What other riders say about the comfort of Ophena stirrups

Magnetic Safety Stirrups Ophena S

I'm glad I bought these stirrups. They are comfortable, safe and make the rider's landing better and more correct. Thank you very much! Many people liked them, and now they also want to buy them. I recommend it. Julia , Russia, Samara .

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Yuliya B.

I love them

The magnetic stirrups are incredibly comfortable for jumping!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Деница К.

Money well spent

So far I have used the Ophena stirrups for about 2 months and I can happily approve that these are the most comfortable ones I have ever tried. My legs have never felt as secure as now, and my balance over jumps has improved drastically.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Kristin

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Comfortable, Beautiful AND safe? Dream come true

These are BEAUTIFUL. These are SUPER comfortable. My husband LOVES that they are COMPLETELY safe for me. And... I once hopped on for a lesson, FORGETTING to switch to my Magnetic insole boots... NO ISSUES with losing my stirrups, even without the magnets. Granted, it was a flat lesson, but still... :)) I ADORE these and think anyone/everyone would benefit from them

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Laura J.

Best safety Stirrups on the market

Our daughter just loves these. Ophena S Pro stirrups they are extremely stylish, so many people had a positive comment on how great they look, excellent quality and above all super safe, did exactly what Ophena said they would when we had an unplanned dismount. When the insole is in place you don’t even know it’s there, super comfortable. Would highly recommend Ophena S Pro stirrups to anyone.

Product: Ophena S Pro

Verified Review by Gordon R.


I have been using the Ophena stirrups for 2 months now, and I can't find any fault with them. They providecushioning safety and technicality which have helped me to improve my riding without getting used to the magnet (my problems are also corrected with normal stirrups). I love them!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Annabel M. (translated from French)

Everything has improved - simply top!

I have been using the stirrups for eight weeks. My whole seat and riding feeling have absolutely increased for the better! Top workmanship! A great invention in terms of design, safety and comfort; I will definitely buy another set for my second saddle in the near future!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Fabienne G. (translated from German)

Magnetic stirrups

My daughter and I have been using the Ophena stirrups for 2 months now and we are both thrilled - higher comfort with maximum safety.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Silvia Geigenberger (translated from German)


I love my Ophena stirrups. What an innovative idea! Not only are they comfortable but they are also crafted in a beautiful Scandinavian design, from high-quality materials. They give me an added sense of security during my jumping lessons, or when riding in the forest. In general I feel they help my overall body position while riding by keeping my feet 'glued' to the stirrups. I'm very pleased I bought them - well worth the money!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Eleonora S.

Ophena again and again

Super comfortable and safe stirrups ! No more fear of a ,,getting caught", should it ever come to a fall !!! Again and again !

Product: Ophena S Pro

Verified Review by Myriam R. (translated from German)

Love it!

I love my Ophena stirrups! I love the design, they are socomfyand helps a lot to concentrate on horse because now I don’t need to worry if I will lose my stirrups while riding. I feel much safer with Ophena. This is brilliant! Thank you so much!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Marta J.

Ophena S

These are the best stirrups I have ever had. Riding comfort increased by 100%

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Susanne H. (translated from German)


I love my stirrups, my leg falls naturally in line with my shoulder and hip. They are very easy to remove, even without hands. Very comfortable, no joint pain! I recommend them!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Elisa Marcato (translated from French)

Super happy!!!!

I love them! they are very comfortable and allow me to be more serene knowing that I won't lose them. The stirrups look like real jewels because they are so beautiful! Very happy and satisfied with my purchase!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Alexandra C. (translated from French)

They are my dream stirrups

I am very enjoying riding with Ophena and generaly I am very obssesive with my stirrups. They need to be comfortable,stable and secure. It is the best decision I’ve ever made.

Product: Ophena S Pro

Verified Review by Simge T.

Just great!

My new Ophena magnetic stirrups are just great. They are very comfortable, hold your foot well, do not cause any issues getting on or off and look really good. Not to mention the fact that they're safe... I can't recommend them enough

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Natalie Smith

Best stirrups on the market

I took the stirrups for the design and to stand out from the crowd. I was pleasantly surprised by their lightness but especially the comfort. The foot stays in place thanks to the floor. A pure joy to ride in complete safety. I highly recommend them for a safe and elegant ride. Thank you Ophena

Product: Ophena S Pro

Verified Review by Marie L. (translated from French)

A real relief

Really nice and high quality stirrups! The magnetic aspect provides security, stability and comfort: the fact that you don't have to put any weight on the stirrup all the time means that your ankles are relieved, for example during long rides. Great!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Patrick P. (translated from French)

The best stirrups ever

My daughter got a pair of Ophena Stirrups for x-mas and she tells me, that these are the best she ever had. Very comfortable and safe. She is using them for training, compations, trips at the beach and when she is ginving shows in the hippodrome

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Irini V.

Very good product

I feel my daughter is more comfortable and secure with her stirrups

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Jean-Marc C. (translated from French)


The stirrups are worth every penny. Already had a super comfortable feeling on the first ride and can't complain so far. I have been riding with them for a few months now and am convinced. Super easy handling, look great.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Laura (translated from German)


The ophena stirrups are great. I chose them because I have just bought a young horse to break in and they give me security and arepleasantto ride in. I recommend it.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Chloé T. (translated from French)

Buy ophena stirrups

Top product! A new feeling when riding with these stirrups! I recommend 100%. Very safe, they prevented me from additional damage that I would have had with normal stirrups during a big fall! And very comfortable, the leg is very well maintained and the magnetic stirrup that follows the foot gives an additional stability.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Charline d. (translated from French)

Super comfortable and safe

I had promised myself a pair of these for ages and I am so glad that I took the plunge and invested. They are so comfortable and secure, yet still with the knowledge that, should the worst happen, your foot is going to be freed. If you are swithering about buying, I would say that you should go ahead. They are well worth the outlay.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Brian

Love it

Love to ride with them, Felling so save and comfortable.

Product: Ophena S Pro

Verified Review by Lyubomira M.