Prevent losing your stirrups - even in hectic situations

Why riders lose stirrups and how Ophena can help

Losing your stirrups is not only annoying, it can also be dangerous. Because it can easily throw you off balance and even cause you to fall off your horse.

There are many things that can cause you to lose your stirrups. Maybe your horse bucks or rears up and you lose them. Or you lose your concentration for a moment and no longer have a good grip. Or your feet are in the wrong position, you lack strength or... Whatever the reason, it is good to know that you are not alone. Many riders struggle with losing their stirrups, which usually means they have to stop and put their feet back in the stirrups - a task in itself.

Here's the good news: Ophena's magnetic stirrups have helped thousands of riders become better riders by avoiding the loss of stirrups. The magnets hold the stirrups in place so you never have to worry about losing them again. They even keep your feet in the right position, which improves your leg position, seat and balance.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, Ophena's magnetic stirrups can prevent losing your stirrups, help you maintain control and improve your riding.


How magnetic stirrups help other riders not to lose their stirrups

Best horse related purchase I've made

These stirrups are worth every penny. My horse has a very bouncy gallop and I always struggled with balance andlosingmy stirrups along the way. Not only did these stirrups eliminate thelosingstirrups part, but they really improved my balance and along with that myconfidencein the saddle.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Chester P.

Everything was simply amazing!

I bought these stirrups for my granddaughter, as a Christmas gift, as she seemed to belosinga stirrup on landing off a jump. She was so over whelmed when she opened her gift, she burst into tears of happiness. I cannot recommend this company or it’s product high enough. From the word go, they were extremely helpful, professional and obliging. The stirrups arrived quickly and the packaging is to die for, it was simply beautiful. Package well would be an understatement, everything is such an amazing quality. The stirrups themselves are sooo beautiful and the magnification is brilliant. I absolutely loved them, in every respect. They are well worth the price and anyone making the purchase will not be disappointed, you cannot put a value on safety and these really work. That you so much Ophena, for an excellent product!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Christine

The most perfect stirrups

I just love the Ophena S stirrups 🤩 they have exceeded my wildest expectations and will definitely not return them 😉. For example I have been getting compliments about my seat since I started using them, also most importantly I have stopped loosing the stirrups while riding, gained a very stable feet/body while riding and they have also improved myconfidencea lot while riding. Therefore I can recommend them with all my heart to everyone (have been doing that already😉), weather they have problems with loose stirrups or not. P.s I received them in February and the service was excellent.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Edda Sóley Þorsteinsdóttir

Did you know? You can try our stirrups risk-free with our 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Game changer

They enable the leg to be in the correct position and actually allows a longer leg. The worry ofloststirrups is no longer an issue leading to a moreconfidentand secure seat. I will never ride in anything else, such a shame they are not BD legal

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Alma Abrahams

Anytime again!

These stirrups are an absolute recommendation! It creates a completely different riding feeling and they are also great for jumping; nolosingslippingetc.

Product: Ophena S Pro

Verified Review by Celine L. (translated from German)

Very good product

I am very happy with my Ophena stirrups. On several occasions they have saved my life, when my horse has swerved or stopped at the obstacle, and I have notlostmy stirrups as is often the case on these occasions. In addition they have a very nice design.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Laurence B. (translated from French)


Since I have these stirrups I started riding again!!! I feel mega safe and am very happy and that totally affects my horse. The constant fear tolosemy stirrup again and then fall because my horse bucks is gone <3 Thanks Ophena ❤️❤️❤️

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Isabelle Bocka (translated from German)


I bought the stirrups because I always had the problem that I havelostnormal stirrups. Now they stay where they should be. I just feelsafer

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Stefanie M. (translated from German)

Love it!

I love my Ophena stirrups! I love the design, they are so comfy and helps a lot toconcentrateon horse because now I don’t need to worry if I willlosemy stirrups while riding. I feel muchsaferwith Ophena. This is brilliant! Thank you so much!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Marta J.

Ophena Stirrups

Superb! The safety aspect of these stirrups is obvious and immediate. To the rider, particularly a showjumper, they are a gift from heaven. Never worry aboutlosinga stirrup over a fence again.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Brian F.

Corresponds exactly to my ideas

At first I was very unsure about buying stirrups for such a price. But I have to say that they really deliver what they promise. Apart from the safety aspect, these stirrups are an enormous relief for me. I canconcentrateon other things while riding than on notlosingthe stirrups all the time. I also ordered a pair of inserts in my daughter's size and it is a huge relief for her as well.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Michelle S. (translated from German)

Great purchase

I love them! Feel so muchsaferbecause my fear has always been to get my foot stuck in the stirrup. Also neverlosingthem is great!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Lisa F.


We love love love these stirrups. Bought for my 8 year old. They were really just bought for the safety aspect, so her foot couldn’t get stuck if she was tk fall, but they are so much h more than that. They’ve helped her heels stay down, her lower leg position and the help her keep her stirrups in situations where she would usuallylosethem (when pony over jumps or spooks) We have no regrets, no complaints, money well spent.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Andrea O.

Super happy!!!!

I love them! they are very comfortable and allow me to be more serene knowing that I won'tlosethem. The stirrups look like real jewels because they are so beautiful! Very happy and satisfied with my purchase!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Alexandra C. (translated from French)

Ophena Mag net8c Stirrups

Absolutely amazing. I am new to riding and still learning. Had my horse for 2years. Struggled with the canter as went into fear as would oftenlosemy stirrups. This nolonger happens with the magnetic stirrups. Consequently I have been able tofocuson my canter and keeping my heals down. Now in the space of three months my canter has so improved. I am jumping and have learnt light seat canter. These stirrups have made an immense difference to my riding and pushed my learning forward so much more quickly. I will never look back.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Beverley Clark

The best stirrup

Since I've been using this stirrup, I'm much looser in the hip and leg. Before, I alwayslosta stirrup or didn't have a firm grip. I am 1000% satisfied

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Yvonne R. (translated from German)

Well worth the money!

I love these stirrups. So glad I went ahead and spent the money. I have peace of mind that if I fall, I won’t be dragged, it is also so helpful because ofcourse I neverlosemy stirrup! Ingenious invention!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Hannah P.

Phenomenal invention!

Using these stirrups completely eliminates situations like loosing your stirrups or correcting your foot position in a stirrup while riding. You are free of these problems and canfocuson other aspects of your riding because of course - there is always so much more to achieve! I LOVE THESE STIRRUPS

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by RICHARD D.


I was doubtful these would do the trick but let me tell you. They are amazing. I use to always loose my right stirrup while jumping and I haven’tlostone yet. They are sturdy and give me greatconfidence

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Melissa R.

Ophena Stirrups Rating

I have been using the stirrups for 2 months now and am very satisfied. The force of the magnet is perfectly adjusted so that the stirrup holds on the boots, but you can also get out of the stirrup easily. The design is also beautiful and people always talk about the stirrups. My riding feeling has also improved considerably, as the "firm" stirrups give me a lot of support. This has also made my leg evencalmer The Ophena stirrups are also great for jumping. After jumping, it's easy tolosea stirrup, which no longer happens. Perfect for a good riding feeling and hold. I would always recommend the stirrups and spend the money again every time, because they are worth every penny.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Kerstin S. (translated from German)

Reviews ophena stirrups

Very good product, no morelossof stirrups when jumping, very satisfied.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Severine M. (translated from French)

Five* for the Magnetic Stirrups Ophena S Pro

After opening the box, I was amazed buy the design! Very easy to install, clean and they really work. I have neverlostmy stirrups again during a jumping competition!

Product: Ophena S Pro

Verified Review by Stefanie D.


I absolutely love these! I have short calf muscles and always struggled to keep my heels down. With these I don't have to worry aboutlosingmy stirrups which makes me so muchsaferwhile riding, especially while jumping or out on a hack on an unfamiliar horse. Cannot recommend enough!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Sasja van der Vaart-Verschoof

Extra !

Ophena stirrups are TOP! Super comfortable, the foot is always in the right place in the stirrup, no morelosinga stirrup and great in terms of safety. They are light and great, I never ride without my Ophena stirrups! I highly recommend them!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Elisabeth P. (translated from French)

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