Smart Attach™

Ophena’s patented double-arm architecture with Smart Attach™ locking mechanism allows you to attach and detach the stirrups quickly and safely. With no need to remove it completely from the saddle, you simply unbuckle the stirrup leather saving time and preserving the leather. Thanks to its unique design, you can still run up your stirrup leathers to store them at the saddle

Watch the video or see the illustrations below to see how it works.


Attaching the Stirrups

Smart Attach Gif


Step 1

Pass the stirrup leather buckle through the large area in the stirrup’s double arm.

Step 2

Guide the stirrup leather upwards through the gap towards the small area.

Step 3

Push the stirrup leather further through the gap, so it is located completely in the small area.

Step 4

Buckle the stirrup leather to your saddle as usual.




Running up the Ophena Stirrups 

Smart Attach Run Up


Step 1

Guide the stirrup along the leather in direction of the stirrup’s open side - exactly as seen on the picture.

Step 2

Guide it further upwards and apply enough tilt so the stirrup slides easily along the leather.

Step 3

Carefully release the stirrup and it will lock itself against the stirrup leather.