Ophena S

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This magnetic safety stirrup has a unique open design, which ensures that you cannot get caught. It features an advanced magnetic system, providing grip and stability during the ride. It comes with Smart Attach™, allowing you to attach and detach Ophena quicker than other stirrups.

The magnetic stirrups come together with our magnetic insoles, making the setup easy and quick. The strength of the magnetic system is carefully designed to let you get off easily at any time, leading to unprecedented safety and performance.

Included: 2 stirrups & 2 magnetic insoles
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Delivery time: April 2019

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Watch this short video showing the basics of Ophena’s Magnetic System, Smart Attach™ and more.

Please find general information and an introduction to our magnetic safety stirrups and their features on our Main Page.

For other questions and answers, please check our Knowledge Base.

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