Keep your saddle pad clean with these instructions

Every equestrian owns a few good saddle pads. At the end of the day, we need to change them constantly to make sure our horse's skin does not get rashes or start itching. Also, a clean saddle pad simply looks good, there is no denying it. However, many wonder how they can keep their pads clean without constantly washing them, or ruining their pads by washing them wrong.

Ophena Evolution saddle pad

In this article, we will look at how you can easily keep your saddle pad clean, how often you should wash them, and what to pay attention to.

How often should I wash my saddle pad?

The truth is, that saddle pads tend to get dirty pretty fast, especially during summer months. The horses sweat and their hair gets stuck in the pad, so we need to keep the pads clean on a regular basis. The good news is, however, that you will not need to wash your pad all the time. 

Sometimes, it is enough to take a hard brush and brush out all the hair and dirt on the saddle pad. After your ride, grab a hard brush and spread your saddle pad out on a table or a tack box, and give it a good brushing. Simply by removing all the hair from the pad after every ride, you will extend the life of your saddle pad, as you will not need to wash it too often.

If your horse gets sweaty during the ride, it is important to let your pad dry completely and properly before putting it on your horse again. So, remember to lay the pad inside out to dry after you are done riding and cleaning.

Depending on the season and how dirty your saddle pad gets, you should switch your pad out once or twice a week.

How to wash a saddle pad

The most important thing about washing your saddle pad is to follow the instructions on the label. More often than not, saddle pads are to be washed with cold or warm water, possibly with a hand-wash program or equivalent. Most saddle pads can easily be washed in a regular washer, but you should take into account the instructions, as saddle pads vary in their material and embellishments.

Before putting your pad in the washer, remember to brush out all the excess hair. Also, close all the velcro straps on the saddle pad: they might get stuck on the pad and cause wear and tear on the fabric.

Also, always remember to wash dark pads with other dark tones, and light colors with light colors.

Most saddle pads cannot be put in a dryer. Especially pads that have cords on the rim can get warped if you put them in the dryer. Instead, hand them to line dry and ensure that the pads dry completely before putting them back in your tack box.

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