How to find the right saddle pad

Every horse needs a good saddle pad (or a few of them), no matter what your discipline is. The purpose of a saddle pad is to protect your horse's skin and make the saddle sit more comfortably on their back. The amazing thing about these pads is that they come in all shapes, colors, and designs, so you can find something that suits your style and preferences. 

Ophena saddle pad

In fact, many riders like to match their saddle pads to their polos, boots, or riding gear. Different types of pads allow you to get creative and explore different options. Matching your clothes, saddle pad, and other gear can give you a luxurious and elegant feel.

What kind of saddle pad do I need?

There are different kinds of saddle pads for different disciplines. In fact, pads are made in different shapes and sizes to they fit the saddle of said discipline. For instance, a pad for dressage has a more straight line in the front, so it will run in the same line with the wing of the dressage saddle. 

On the other hand, a showjumping pad will be smaller and its front will curve a little bit, so it runs in line with the wing of the showjumping saddle. 

There are also so-called general saddle pads, that happen to be kind of a mix between these two shapes. They are meant for general saddles, that are not necessarily directed towards any discipline in specific. 

You should pick a type of saddle pad that fits your saddle and discipline. If you have multiple saddles and do different disciplines, you should also have multiple saddle pads. 

Color, design, details

The best part about saddle pads is that they come in different designs and colors, and they have different embellishments. For instance, some pads may have glitter, rhinestones, or chords. The pads can be found in many different colors from pink to red, blue, white, black, green, and everything in between. 

Finding the right saddle pad can take time because you have so many fantastic options to choose from. However, the good thing is that you can always have multiple different pads and you can change them whenever you feel like it. 

Choose the right size

Generally speaking, there are a few different sizes: pony, cob, and full. Pony sized pads are meant for small ponies, cob sized for big ponies or small horses, and full sized for big horses. 

It is important to pick the right size, so that the saddle pad fits as it should. 

Ophena branded saddle pad

If you are a showjumper or use a showjumping saddle, you should take a peek at our Ophena branded saddle pad. It was released in May of 2020 and it has already received many five star reviews. It is midnight blue, made of thick, luxurious material with honeycomb design, and it has Ophena's logo on the left side. 

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