Gain back your confidence with Ophena safety stirrups

The main goal of safety stirrups is to increase the safety of the rider, but you might encounter other benefits as a side product. Ophena safety stirrups have received over 1,500 five-star reviews from equestrians, as they praise the incredible benefits our stirrups offer. 

Many of our customers have graciously reviewed our safety stirrups, and we have been delighted to read about all the benefits our customers have experienced. 

Today, we will look at how our safety stirrups can increase your confidence.


Gain more confidence with Ophena safety stirrups

Confidence in the saddle can affect your riding

Horses are herd animals, which means that they always need a leader. If you have ever observed horses out in a paddock, you already know that each herd has a pecking order: someone is the leader, and someone is at the bottom of the herd. The leader always eats first, whereas the last ones in the hierarchy have to wait for their turn.

Horses will also try to establish their relationship with their riders. This means that you as an equestrian have to establish that you are the leader, off the saddle and on it. 

Your confidence plays a big part in establishing your place with your horse. When you sit in the saddle, your horse will feel your confidence and behave accordingly.

If you are confident, you are relaxed and balanced. Your posture will be better, your hips, knees, and ankles more relaxed and in their correct position. You will also be able to move with the horse better and signal the horse more effectively.

In turn, if your confidence is bad, you will be stiff and imbalanced. This will make the horse imbalanced and tense and you will not be able to use your signals in the correct way.

You can improve your confidence with magnetic safety stirrups

Our customers have reported feeling more confident and balanced when using our magnetic safety stirrups. The magnetic connection allows for the riders to relax their ankles, as they won't feel like their foot is slipping off the stirrups. 

When your foot is securely in place, thanks to the magnetic connection, you can push your heels deeper down which allows your knees and hips to relax as well. Your posture will improve and you will be able to use your signals more effectively. 

A small change can help you to improve your riding greatly, thus improving your confidence and allowing for a more comfortable and accomplished ride.

Jumping in our magnetic safety stirrups

Ophena S and Ophena S Pro, our magnetic safety stirrups, were designed to especially cater for showjumpers and hunters. Ophena magnetic stirrups are approved by the FEI for showjumping, so you will be able to use our stirrups even at shows. 

When you use our stirrups for jumping, you will notice your confidence rising as you will not have to worry about potentially losing your stirrups during a course. Our lightweight stirrups allow you to focus on your course, keeping your focus on the next fence ahead instead of focusing on keeping your stirrups in the right place - especially when jumping higher courses.

Confidence and safety hand in hand

Ophena S and Ophena S Pro are magnetic safety stirrups that were created with increased safety in mind. Our innovative stirrups were designed by professionals who wanted to create safety stirrups that would do more than release the riders foot in case of a fall: they wanted to make the entire riding experience smoother and safer.

Our safety stirrups differ from many other safety stirrup brands by providing more than increased safety: the magnetic safety stirrups can help the riders to feel more confident, more balanced, and improve their posture and leg/foot position.

How do Ophena magnetic safety stirrups work?

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups have been designed to decrease the chance of a serious injury when riding. The open design of Ophena safety stirrups allows the foot to release easily in case of a fall, which will decrease the chance of bad injuries. When the foot releases from the stirrups before the rider hits the ground, the rider will not get dragged behind the horse (this can result in serious injuries or even death).

Our magnetic safety stirrups have a magnetic connection between the stirrup and the boot, keeping the rider's foot in the correct place during the ride. The magnetic pull also makes it easier to get the stirrup back on the foot, should you lose it during your ride. 

Here is how Ophena stirrups work in action:

What do riders say about Ophena safety stirrups?

We have received over 1,500 five-star reviews, where equestrians from around the world tell us about the experiences they have had. If you would like to read more about the customer experiences and familiarize yourself with stirrup reviews, read more on our page.

Here, you can also check out a video review of our Ophena S and Ophena S Pro.

How to get Ophena magnetic stirrups?

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups are only available at You can order your stirrups easily online.

  1. Choose your stirrup model: Ophena S, Ophena S Pro, or Ophena A (our regular safety stirrup)
  2. Choose the color: silver or black
  3. Choose the size of your magnetic insoles
  4. Fill in your order details
  5. Wait for your stirrup to arrive

All of our stirrups have a 60-day money-back guarantee - that's how much we believe you will love your new stirrups! 

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