Can Ophena safety stirrups keep my kids safe?

Riding horses is a risky sport and all parents worry about their children's safety. Making sure that your child uses safety stirrups is one of the best ways to increase their safety and decrease the risk of a severe injury.

Choosing the right kind of stirrups can be challenging, and today we will look at how Ophena safety stirrups can help to keep your kids safe. 

Safety stirrups for kids

Safety stirrups for kids - what to consider?

Using safety stirrups while riding is quite as crucial as wearing a helmet. When choosing safety stirrups for your children, however, you have to consider things that you might not consider when selecting stirrups for yourself. 

One of the most important things to consider is the size of the stirrups. A child's foot is smaller than an adult's, which can pose a risk if the stirrup is too big. If the stirrup is too big, the child's foot can slip through the stirrup. Also, a stirrup that is too heavy or big for the child is much harder to keep on the foot. 

As a parent, you should also consider the safety mechanism in the stirrups. Many safety stirrups have a release mechanism that releases and opens when pressure is applied. However, more than a child's weight might be needed to press the safety mechanism open, especially if the mechanism gets stuck. 

Ophena safety stirrups for kids

Ophena has designed three different safety stirrup models:

  1. Ophena S (magnetic safety stirrup)
  2. Ophena S Pro (magnetic safety stirrup)
  3. Ophena A (safety stirrup)

Children can use all of Ophena's safety stirrups can be used by children, if the size of the stirrups is suitable for your child. Our magnetic safety stirrups work differently and are well suited for children and adults alike, as long the shoe size is within a size range - more below. Our Ophena A safety stirrups are adult-size and unsuitable for more minor children. However, most teenagers can use them, too. 

Ophena S

Ophena S was our first and original magnetic safety stirrup. It features a magnetic connection that keeps your foot in place throughout the ride. It also has an open design that minimizes the risk of getting stuck in the stirrups in case of a fall. 

Ophena S also has a Smart Attach™-system that makes it easy to attach and detach your stirrups to and from the stirrup leathers. 

You must place the magnetic insoles in your riding boots for the magnetic system to work. They are available in sizes EU32 to EU46. You can find a size conversion chart here. Although the stirrups come in one size only, the open design combined with the magnetic system enables them to work for this extensive range of sizing: The open design addresses the risk of getting caught in otherwise too-narrow stirrups. The magnetic system keeps your feet in place, even if the stirrups may otherwise seem too wide. These are two significant advantages over traditional stirrups. It's all taken care of, and thousands of riders all across this size range love them for it.

Ophena S Pro

Ophena S Pro includes the same features as Ophena S, with one big difference: it has improved treading for better grip. This is especially good for jumpers on a higher level and eventers. The size of the tread and stirrup are otherwise the same as the Ophena S.

Ophena A

Ophena A is our "regular" safety stirrup with no magnetic connection. This stirrup model is suitable for any discipline, dressage included. It features patent-pending 360° double safety release technology. 

The outer side is closed with a silicone piece that can be removed in any direction. When pressure is applied, it releases and allows the rider's foot to release.

To find out if the Ophena A stirrups suit your child, measure the width of your child's boots and compare it with the size of our stirrups. There should be approximately an inch of space on either side of the boot. The tread dimensions are indicated below:

Ophena A tread dimensions

How have Ophena stirrups helped kids (and their parents)?

We have received numerous stirrup reviews from happy parents who have told us how much their kids' confidence has improved and how much safer both the child and the parent feels, thanks to Ophena stirrups. 

One of our reviewers told us that - before she owned Ophena stirrups - her child fell off her pony and was dragged behind the pony despite using safety stirrups. The safety mechanism had failed. Luckily, the mechanism eventually gave out when the pony kicked her daughter in the leg. After this incident, the mother immediately ordered Ophena stirrups, and her daughter has since regained her confidence.

Another happy parent told us that her 16-year-old daughter fell in love with Ophena before she even tried them. Her leg and foot are now more relaxed during her riders, and she enjoys riding even more.

You can read more Ophena reviews on our website.

How can I get Ophena safety stirrups?

Ophena is only available on You can order your own Ophena safety stirrups on our website, and best of all, you will get a 60-day money-back guarantee with your purchase.

Here's how you can order your safety stirrups:

  1. Choose the model (Ophena S, Ophena S Pro, Ophena A)
  2. Choose the size of magnetic insoles. If you chose magnetic safety stirrups
  3. Choose the color (silver or onyx black)
  4. Fill in your details

Your stirrups will ship to you soon, and you will get to try your own Ophena stirrups before you know it.