Tread Exchange Ophena S (Kit)

Tread Exchange Ophena S (Kit)

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Renew your grip! This kit contains fresh and sharp treads in glass fibre reinforced plastic for your Ophena S. It also contains new bottom covers and everything you need to make the exchange yourself.


This kit contains:

  • 1 pair of treads (for left and right stirrups)
  • 1 pair of bottom covers (for left and right stirrups)
  • 4 screws for assembly
  • 2 foam pieces
  • 1 custom helper tool
  • 1 Allen key
  • 1 installation manual

Apart from that you only need a permanent marker. No additional tools needed.


Note: This is an improved version of the tread, which we introduced around July 2021. The surface has higher and sharper spikes than its predecessor and therefore provides more grip. If your stirrups were purchased before July 2021, this grip will provide you with more grip and a better riding experience.


Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I exchange my grip?

The tread is made from fibre reinforced plastic for maximum durability and a long lifetime. Despite this, the tread wears down over time. When the surface looks flat and the grippy pattern has disappeared, it's time to replace your grip. By then you have probably used your stirrups for 2 years or more, depending on the frequency and intensity of use.


Is this exchange hard to do?

No, it is straightforward and easy to do. Just make sure you don't rush it and follow the instructions carefully and keep in mind that you are dealing with strong magnets. Should you experience and issues or have questions, just reach out to us via email or chat. We are always here to help.


Should I exchange my Standard Grip or upgrade to Pro Grip?

The Pro Grip provides the best Ophena experience by far. But if you've been happy with your standard grip so far, we recommend that you stick to it. An exchange of your standard grip will already give you an improvement over a worn grip. You can read more about the Ophena S Pro here.