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How Ophena stirrups help Marine, club rider, to improve her riding

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Ophena S

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Club rider

provided by Marine Maillard

The location of the magnet in the Ophena magnetic safety stirrups is designed to be optimal for your position, and in line with what is recommended by riding teachers and professionals. Not too much on the toes, not too far back: the magnetic connection created promotes a good distribution of the body weight, and the 4° tilt of the tread also helps you to lower your lower leg. Today, many riders like Marine have already experienced these new sensations. What about you?

Walking in the footsteps of her mother, also a rider, Marine Maillard started riding at the age of 6: she now has been riding for 17 years. As a teenager, she owned a pony that she completely broke in herself. And today, at the age of 23, she takes lessons in a riding school every week.

In the club, Marine has the opportunity to change horses a lot; she thus progresses with very different horses at each session. Wishing to acquire more technical equipment than the one used in the club, she started thinking about buying new stirrups. That's when she came across the Ophena S magnetic safety stirrups on Instagram. “I thought the design and concept was super interesting, because I tend to lose my stirrups at a sitting trot. I thought 'why not try it', it might allow me to focus on something other than my foot position, and more on what the horse is doing.” So she ordered her pair of magnetic stirrups in early 2021, of course risk-free thanks to Ophena's 60-day money-back guarantee.

“I felt like I had jewelry in my hands.”

Upon receiving her package, Marine was able to discover the beauty of her new stainless-steel single-branch stirrups. The excitement was such that she couldn't wait to try them on. “I was like a child on Christmas Day. It was a nice gift for myself, so when I unwrapped them, I was very happy: I felt like I had jewelry in my hands. The first thing I did was slip the insoles into my boots and put them on my feet.”

Marine had the particularity of riding with her stirrups on tiptoe, and it tended to cause her pain. When she tried her Ophena safety stirrups, the first sensation was surprising, as the position of the magnet induced her to place her foot differently. However, after a few sessions, she got used to it and the pain disappeared: her foot position is now optimal. “Now that I'm used to it, there's no more worry. It's finally a good thing, because my feet don't hurt anymore. Since I was on my toes all the time, I was pressing a lot with them, but not anymore.”

“My position is better and I find I'm doing better.”

However, if unlike Marine, you are not willing to change your position, know that you can contact Ophena following your order to choose a different location for the magnet: either further forward or further back.
You can find all the information here.

As for Marine, she was able to experience the security of the magnetic connection and the open design.

What she likes best about her stirrups?

  • Their magnetic tread
  • Their safety

Marine is used to riding different horses: sometimes young, sometimes complicated, and sometimes ones that don't look at where they are going. So, her safety stirrups have saved her from many falls. “I thank Ophena, because a while ago I rode a horse that fell on its knees while we were galloping. I thought I was going to go over, even though he got up pretty quickly, and if I didn't have my Ophena stirrups I would have fallen. I've also almost fallen a few times with young horses, and they've always stayed on well.”

“These stirrups help improve the overall sit.”

In addition to the magnetic security, the stability that the Ophena stirrups have given her has helped her improve her riding. Marine now feels better placed in any discipline: “I am much more comfortable in the saddle and I don't lose my stirrups at all, which is very nice. Even in dressage, when you have to move your legs back a lot and mobilize your aids for the requests, it's an incredible pleasure. I feel like I'm much more comfortable in what I'm doing, and more focused on my horse and my hand actions.”

To top it all, since Marine's little sister started riding recently, she has difficulties with her seat and often loses her stirrups. Since both sisters are the same size, Marine suggested she try her magnetic stirrups. It was also a real love at first sight: “She who had a lot of trouble, found it incredible and had a better plate. I don't regret my purchase at all, because these stirrups are amazing.”

“You can't see magnetic stirrups anywhere else.”

Since then, Marine has been able to complete her tack, and now goes on with her Ophena equipment in her riding school.