Why showjumpers should consider safety stirrups

Showjumping is an amazing sport - it draws equestrians and non-equestrians from all over the world to the sidelines to watch. The excitement, the thrill, the speed... all of which appeals to the crowd. All showjumpers are brave, as it takes a big heart to jump huge fences fearlessly and give their horses the support they need.

At the moment, the showjumping world has been following some of the biggest and best names in the industry: Daniel Deusser, Christian Ahlman, Marcus Füchs, Malin Baryard-Johnson. The FEI World Cup for showjumping is full of unbelievable riders that we all draw inspiration from.

However, no matter how much we love showjumping and showjumpers, let's face it - it's an extreme sport. Everyone practicing showjumping should always make sure to be safe and take all possible precautions to make sure that accidents don't happen.

Safety stirrups for showjumpers are essential

The FEI rules and regulations require all riders to wear safety helmets. It is required in case a rider falls - the helmet is without a doubt the best protective wear. Also, protective horse riding vests are recommended, though not mandatory. The vest can protect the rider's spine and ribs in case of a bad fall.

Safety stirrups, however, aren't always mandatory (this depends on the country and discipline), but they are most definitely recommended.

Safety stirrups are en enormous help when a rider gets into an accident and falls off their horse. Whatever kind the safety stirrup is, the purpose is to ensure that the rider doesn't get caught into the stirrup and get dragged around.

For instance, our Ophena S magnetic safety stirrups are open on one side, ensuring that the rider will never get caught. The magnetic insole and in the stirrups will help to keep the rider's foot in the stirrups and ensures the safest ride possible.

Magnetic safety stirrups at Ophena
Ophena S magnetic safety stirrups are amazing for showjumpers.

Though the FEI has approved the use of our safety stirrups, should you compete on a lower level, remember to check with your own equestrian federations if the stirrups are allowed in your area. Currently, we know of several federations who have approved our magnetic safety stirrups, e.g.


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