What is our Smart Attach feature in the magnetic safety stirrups?

Ophena manufactures magnetic safety stirrups that are more than just magnetic stirrups. In addition to adding magnets in the bottom of the stirrups and magnetic insoles, the safety stirrups feature and open side, foot stopper, beautiful design, and a Smart Attach system.

But what is our Smart Attach system and why is it so revolutionary?

Smart Attach helps you to attach and detach your safety stirrups faster

To be frank, no one has the kind of Smart Attach system that Ophena does. Our Ophena S and Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups feature this new innovation that allows you to attach and detach your stirrups from the stirrup leathers easily. And best of all, you will not have to remove the stirrup leathers at all. No more fighting with the leathers that refuse to go through the stirrup hook!

Here's how the Smart Attach system works

Using the Smart Attach system is very simple and easy - indeed, "Smart." All you need to do is to detach the stirrup buckle and place your stirrups onto the stirrup leathers. Here's how it works:

Safety stirrups
Open your stirrup buckle.
Ophena S safety stirrups
Slide the buckle through your Ophena safety stirrups Smart Attach system.
Safety stirrups
Now all you need to do is set your stirrup length and pull up your stirrups.
Safety stirrups
You are done!

Can my stirrups detach from the leathers on their own?

Our Smart Attach system makes it easy for you to switch your stirrups and even take them off for cleaning. However, you should know that the open Smart Attach system does not pose a safety risk and your stirrups will never come detached on their own.

Ophena Smart Attach is truly smart!

Where can I buy Ophena magnetic safety stirrups?

Ophena S and Ophena T can be bought through our website. Our order process is very simple:

  1. Choose your stirrups (either Ophena S or Ophena T: note that Ophena T features different colors)
  2. Add them to your cart
  3. Complete checkout process
  4. You will receive your magnetic safety stirrups

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