What are quick release stirrups?

The right kind of stirrups an important and essential part of your tack. Many don't even give a second thought to their stirrups - though they absolutely should. Good stirrups can make a big difference in case of an accident, which is why more and more riders choose to purchase safety stirrups. In fact, quick release stirrups are some of the safest models on the market.

But did you know, that there are many different kinds of quick release stirrups out there?

Quick release stirrups, breakaway stirrups - what's the difference?

To be frank, these stirrups and breakaway stirrups are ultimately the same exact thing. They are a way of calling stirrups that will release your foot quickly or break away in case of an accident. The most well-known quick release stirrups are the peacock stirrups with rubber bands.

The difference between a regular, non-safety stirrup, and safety stirrup is essential, though. Regular stirrups will not release your foot in case of a fall, and can thus lead to bad accidents and dangerous situations.

Quick release stirrups help your foot to release fast and there is a good chance you will not get hurt at all.

Peacock stirrups - what are they?

Peacock stirrups are a bit of an old-school choice with today's standards. They have an open side, that is closed with a rubber band. In case of a fall, the rubber band will release, which lets your foot detach from the stirrup.

Peacock stirrups are mainly meant for children, as their weight limit is about 50 kilograms. This means, that adults should consider other types of safety stirrups.

Magnetic safety stirrups at Ophena
Peacock stirrups have a rubber band that closes the open side.

Curved stirrups - what are they?

Curved stirrups are seen a bit more rarely. The basic idea behind them is that the other side of the stirrup is bent, making it easy for the foot to detach in case of a fall. The curve is on the outside of the stirrup.

These stirrups are generally more classy-looking, which is why they often appeal to dressage riders.

Magnetic safety stirrups - what are they?

Magnetic safety stirrups are the most modern quick release stirrups on the market. For instance, Ophena S and Ophena T both have an open side that allows your foot to be freed immediately, should you encounter a fall. However, the magnet in the stirrups and in your magnetic insoles helps you keep your foot in place when you ride.

Magnetic safety stirrups at Ophena
Ophena S and Ophena T are excellent, modern quick release stirrups.


Essentially, quick release stirrups and breakaway stirrups are the same thing. These safety stirrups are meant to keep you safe during your ride. This is something that you should take as seriously as choosing your own helmet!

Frequently asked questions

What are the best safety stirrups?

The best safety stirrups suit your needs and have a great safety mechanism. It does not matter if you choose breakaway stirrups, peacock stirrups, quick-release stirrups, or magnetic safety stirrups, as long as your needs are met.

Why should I have safety stirrups?

Safety stirrups have been designed to release your foot from the stirrups in case of an accident. This way, you will not get stuck in your stirrups should you fall off.

Why should I choose Ophena magnetic safety stirrups?

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups have an open side that releases your foot in case of an accident. In addition, our stirrups have a magnetic connection between the stirrups and your insoles. The foot stopper prevents your foot from sliding out of the stirrups, and best of all, our Smart Attach -system makes it easy to take your stirrups off the stirrup leathers.