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Our customers love our magnetic safety stirrups. They are super safe, aesthetically beautiful, and they provide elements you have never seen before. Ophena S and Ophena T are loved by our customers, both amateurs and professionals alike. So, why not get yours today?

Ophena magnetic safety stirrup B-stock

Save 15 % on magnetic safety stirrups with B-stock products

You may have been looking at our products for a while now, wondering if you should get your own magnetic safety stirrups. If you ask us, the answer is YES, of course. If you are still on the fence, and maybe would like to save a few bucks, take look at our B-stock page and sign up for our waiting list. 

B-stock product are fully functional products with minor aesthetic imperfections. For instance, they may have some scratches or marks from the production process. Our B-stock products are discounted by 15 %, meaning that you can get fully functional and still beautiful products while saving a little money. 

Not all of our products are in the B-stock list, and they become available every now and then. You should sign up for the waiting list and we will inform you when B-stock products become available.

PSST! Our B-stock products still have a 60-day money-back guarantee!

Read reviews of our magnetic safety stirrups

Our magnetic safety stirrups have received a ton of attention online, and our happy customers gladly leave reviews of our magnetic safety stirrups. In fact, we have even received some amazing customer stories that will definitely inspire you (they inspired us!) and you might decide to get your own safety stirrups today. 

Take a look at our safety stirrup reviews if you would like to see for yourself. And do not forget to read inspiring customer stories.

Our customers have praised, for instance, the beautiful packaging and visually pleasing stirrups, easy set up with Smart Attach -system, fantastic magnetic connection, and the undeniable safety. 

Take a look at our products

You can browse our shop to learn more about our magnetic safety stirrups. Ophena S and Ophena T provide you with amazing, super-safe luxury that's at your feet during every ride. 

In addition to our magnetic safety stirrups, you will find magnetic insoles (you will receive a pair with your stirrups), and Evolution saddle pads available for jumping and dressage.

If you have any questions regarding our products or B-stock, do not hesitate to contact us. Also, follow us on Instagram!