The Future is Green: 5 Brands for Sustainable Equestrian Gear

The equestrian world is trotting towards a greener future, as sustainability becomes an increasingly important criterion for riders shopping for gear. Not only do eco-friendly fabrics and materials reduce your carbon "hoofprint", but they also offer new levels of comfort and durability. To help you navigate the options, here are five brands from the sustainable equestrian market, each bringing its own unique approach to eco-conscious riding.

Ophena's Sustainable Riding Wear

Ophena has already garnered an impressive reputation with its innovative safety stirrups, like the magnetic S and S Pro series as well as the non-magnetic Ophena A. Now, they're taking sustainability to new levels with their riding wear collection. Made with up to 100% recycled fabrics, the line features a quilted riding vest, full-zip tops, active t-shirts, and riding tights—all designed for comfort, functionality, and minimal environmental impact. Additionally, their stirrup cleaning kits are made from renewable resources like bamboo and sisal.

Ariat's Eco Collection

Ariat is a brand synonymous with quality equestrian gear. Their Eco Collection offers a range of boots, breeches, and outerwear made from sustainably sourced, recycled materials. Designed for durability and long-lasting wear, Ariat's Eco Collection makes sustainability a comfortable choice.

Horseware Ireland's Eco-Collection

Known for their high-quality blankets and outerwear, Horseware Ireland has also taken steps to be more eco-friendly. Their sustainable line includes products made from recycled water bottles and sustainably sourced cotton, ensuring that you and your horse can trot into a greener future together.


Well-known for their high-quality saddle pads and horse wear, LeMieux has recently introduced a line of eco-conscious products. Made from sustainable materials like bamboo and organic cotton, their products blend luxury with a commitment to the environment. Eco-friendly packaging, recycled hang tags and their Ecologi Partnership are examples of their commitment to helping the environment, 

EQL by Kerrits

Emerging from the renowned Kerrits Equestrian Apparel, EQL by Kerrits™ operates as a conscientious lifestyle apparel brand rooted in the United States. Infusing their love for horses into casual performance wear, they've coined the term "equileisure™" to liberate your personal style. Moreover, they earmark 1% of their sales for horse-related charities. Their collection offers not just sustainability but also high functionality, demonstrating that eco-friendliness and performance can indeed coexist seamlessly.



Why Choose Sustainable?

Sustainability in the equestrian world isn't just a trend—it's a paradigm shift. As the global community becomes increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of consumer choices, it's crucial for the equestrian community to play its part as well. Choosing sustainable riding gear reflects a commitment to not just personal excellence but also ecological responsibility.

The benefits extend beyond reducing your carbon footprint. Eco-friendly materials often provide added comfort and durability, enhancing your riding experience. Furthermore, many sustainable brands are involved in philanthropic efforts, contributing a portion of their profits to equine charities and environmental causes. This means your purchase has a cascading effect, supporting broader initiatives that benefit both the equestrian community and the planet.