Stirrups with the best grip - choose the right ones

It is easy to overlook the importance of stirrups. However, they are a very important part of your tack, especially in terms of safety. Stirrups with the best grip help you stay on and keep your foot in place, which is something that especially showjumpers and eventers should take into consideration.

In order to choose the right stirrups with the best grip, there are a few things you should take into account. In this article, we will look at the best possible stirrups with an amazing grip.

We will look at the following stirrups:

  • Ophena S magnetic safety stirrups
  • Stubben Stirrups 1205 Maxi Grip
  • Freejump safety stirrups
  • Tech Venice safety stirrups

What is "grip" in stirrups?

When you place your foot in the stirrup, you want it to stay in one place easily. A stirrup that moves around and slides a lot, will feel unsure and it will definitely be unsafe, as well. Especially showjumpers and eventers want to ensure the best possible grip, because these sports are speedy and things happen. In fact, stirrups with the best grip might even save you from a fall.

Some stirrups with the best grip have rubber bottoms and some have plastic bottoms. Some stirrups even have metal bottoms that provide a great grip.

Ophena S magnetic safety stirrups

Ophena S is our most sold safety stirrup and it has received amazing reviews. Not only is Ophena S safe, thanks to the open side and great magnets in the bottom of the stirrups and in the bottom of your boot, but it also has excellent grip.

Ophena S magnetic safety stirrups have a magnetic connection between your boot and your stirrups. This will keep your foot in one place and prevent you from losing your stirrups during your ride. But don't worry, the magnetic connection is only so strong, so your foot will release easily in case of a fall.

Stübben 1205 Maxi Grip

These stirrups by Stübben have been designed with the best grip in mind. They have optimum support due to sharp edge pyramid profile on the tread. These stirrups are great for showjumpers and dressage riders alike.

Though these stirrups have a great grip, you should protect your saddle by getting stirrup covers for these stirrups. Also, these stirrups are not safety stirrups, so you should consider them carefully.

FreeJump safety stirrups

FreeJump safety stirrups have been created in cooperation with some of the best riders in the world, such as Rodrigo Pessoa. They are designed to provide comfort, balance, safety and they are stylish too. These stirrups have a great grip as well and they have gotten good reviews from customers.

The stirrup is light and though it has been designed more with safety in mind, especially showjumpers and eventers will benefit from the grip it offers.

Freejump safety stirrups
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Tech Venice Safety Stirrups

Tech Venice safety stirrups are Italian-made and they feature a safety release system: One side opens when enough pressure is applied to it and automatically closes again. These aluminium stirrups offer an excellent grip and, as they have aggressive treading.

The only downside with the treading is that it is by its nature very sharp and can thus easily scratch saddle and stirrup leather, particularly when the stirrups are run up. For this type of tread, Horse and Hound recommends to either take them off or wrap them in stirrup socks.

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Stirrups with the best grip can be found only by trying them out. If you buy safety stirrups online, you should make sure that you can return your purchase for a full refund if needed. Try them out and see how you like them!