Slippery safety stirrups? You might need new stirrup pads

Have you ever ridden with stirrups that were slippery? Maybe your foot kept slipping constantly during your riding lesson. This means that the grip of the stirrups is not good, or maybe the treading has worn out over time. No matter the situation, this basically means that your safety stirrups need new stirrup pads. In this article, we will look at the importance of a good grip and how you can ensure your stirrups won't become slippery.

What are stirrup pads?

Stirrup pads are the plastic or rubber pads that are inserted in the bottom of the stirrups. Generally, they are removable and you can buy new ones when the old ones wear out. In some safety stirrups, there are no separate stirrup pads. Instead, they are integrated into the stirrup or are part of it.

peacock safety stirrups

For instance, peacock stirrups have removable rubber stirrup pads. These pads can be replaced when needed. In fact, the rubber pads should be replaced on a regular basis to prevent wear and tear.

What is grip and how do I know if it's good?

No matter how good your safety stirrups are, you will need to ensure that the grip is good, too. Otherwise, your foot will keep slipping off the stirrup easier. Also, rainy weather, ice, and snow can even make the grip of your stirrup worse.

When we talk about grip, we mean the treading in the stirrup pad. You should ensure that the treading is good enough to keep your foot in place even if it gets wet outside. Treading tends to wear and tear over time, so you have to keep an eye on it, especially if your stirrup pads are made of rubber or plastic.

However, sometime you may encounter stirrups that have metal treading. This kind of treading gives an excellent grip. However, you have to remember to protect your saddle and stirrup leathers from these metal treads by covering your stirrups with stirrup covers.

The grip is good when you can place your foot on the stirrup and press your heel down without your foot slipping off. In order to keep the stirrup pads in good condition, remember to clean them regularly with water and dry them well.

Grip and treading in Ophena safety stirrups

Ophena S and Ophena T are designed to meet the needs of professional equestrians. So, in addition to excellent safety features, we have taken into account the importance of treading and grip. As you can see from the photo below, the treading is simple and effective.


Though stirrups are made to last and you will most likely not need to replace the stirrup irons themselves for years, stirrups do need some regular checking and upkeep. It is important to ensure that the rubber pads stay good, and replace them when needed. The good news is, though, that purchasing replacements is easy and you can do so online or at your tack store. 

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups
Ophena safety stirrups

In addition to treading, our stirrups also feature a magnetic connection between your stirrup and your boot. There is a magnet in the stirrup and the counterpart of it is in the magnetic insole that you place in your boot. This means, that even in the rain, sleet, or snow, your grip will always be good.

Order safety stirrups online

You can order safety stirrups online easily. With us, all you need to do is to select your stirrups and shoe size and place your order in the cart. Finish your checkout and you will receive your stirrups in your mailbox.