Safety tack must-haves: safety stirrups

Every equestrian knows that it is important to take safety precautions when riding. No matter your level or experience as a rider, as you never know what might happen. Horses can spook or trip, and sometimes accidents are no one's fault. Thus, it is important to take into account all possible safety measures and use safety tack. In this article, we will take a closer look at safety stirrups.

Magnetic safety stirrups

Safety stirrups are always recommended

Nowadays, it is fairly hard to find stirrups that are not safety stirrups. Almost all stirrups have a safety mechanism of a sort. In fact, there are multiple different kinds of safety stirrups with different release mechanisms. Below, you will find the most common ones:

  • Flex-joint release system
  • Magnetic safety stirrup
  • Peacock stirrups with rubber bands
  • Freejump stirrups with a hinge system
  • Covered toe stirrups

Though the release mechanisms are different, the goal is always the same: to prevent a rider's foot from getting stuck in the stirrup in case of an accident. Each release system has their pros and cons, and the type of stirrup that works for you depends on what you are looking for in a stirrup and what your main discipline is. 

For instance, dressage riders may have a different needs when it comes to stirrups compared to showjumpers.

Magnetic safety stirrups from Ophena

Ophena has manufactured magnetic safety stirrups that are designed with the utmost safety in mind. Our stirrups feature an open side, which ensures that your foot will always release from the stirrups should you ever fall off. 

However, the magnetic connection will keep your foot in place when you are riding. In addition, the open side has a foot stopper, which prevents your foot from slipping out of the stirrup. 

In addition to all safety measures, we have also made sure that the design is pleasing to the eye. Ophena S safety stirrups come in silver, rose gold, and onyx black. On the other hand, Ophena T safety stirrups come in silver, golden, and black.

Order safety stirrups online today

If you have not yet purchased your own safety stirrups, it is recommended to do some comparisons and see what kind of options you have. Our Ophena magnetic safety stirrups are loved especially by showjumpers and eventers, but they are suitable for anyone. 

You can easily order your Ophena stirrups today by choosing which stirrup you like best (Ophena S or Ophena T) and adding it to the cart. The stirrups will be delivered to your door and the best part is, that you will have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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