Safety stirrups - sizing guide

Safety stirrups are an important part of your tack. They ensure that you stay safe when you ride and even if you fall off, you won't be dragged behind your horse. Many riders don't necessarily consider the importance of good-quality and safe stirrups. When in fact, making sure your stirrups are the right size and type is one of the smartest things you can do as a rider.

In this article, we will look at how to measure safety stirrups so that they are the correct size.

Safety stirrups width

Stirrups come in different sizes. Usually, you will find stirrups for kids and stirrups for adults. You should note that the stirrups are the correct width when you have half an inch between the sides of your foot and the stirrup irons. This is to be measured from the ball of your foot.

Place your foot in the stirrup, the ball of your foot as the balancing point. Then, measure half an inch on each side. If the stirrup is too snug, there is a risk of you getting caught in the stirrups when falling off. If your stirrups are too wide, however, your foot might slide through the stirrup.

This is why it is extremely important to ensure that your kid has stirrups that are meant for children.

Length of your stirrup leathers

When getting safety stirrups, you will also need to buy stirrup leathers. Getting stirrup leathers that are the right length will allow you to measure the correct length when you ride. If the leathers are too short, you won't be able to lengthen the leathers if needed.

Read more about choosing stirrup leathers here.

The weight limit on stirrups

Usually, safety stirrups don't have a weight limit, and you will not need to worry about it. However, if you choose plastic stirrups, you should check the weight limit with the manufacturer, if you are unsure. Also, peacock safety stirrups do have a weight limit, which is why they are great for kids, but adults should consider other kinds of stirrups.

Peacock stirrups for kids

Many people choose to get peacock safety stirrups for kids. They are a great choice for children, However, one thing you should remember is that these stirrups are meant for people who weigh a maximum of 50 kilograms.

So, as your child grows, remember to get sturdier stirrups. Also, as you choose safety stirrups for yourself, though peacock stirrups may be an intriguing choice, the weight limits should be taken into account.

Ophena safety stirrups

Ophena safety stirrups are an excellent choice for everyone, who wants to get innovative, beautiful and safe stirrups. We offer two kinds of stirrups: Ophena S and Ophena T. The most popular one has been Ophena S.

As you can see from the picture below, they feature an open side, a foot stopper, a magnetic bottom, and a beautiful design. Also, you will get your magnetic insoles with your stirrups.

magnetic safety stirrups by Ophena

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