Remember safety stirrups when riding young horses

When riding horses, there are always risks involved. As a rider, your job is to take all possible risks into account and invest in some proper safety gear. Especially when riding and training young horses, it is extremely important to pay attention to safety gear, such as safety stirrups. In this article, we will look at the most important safety gear required when riding young horses. 

Safety stirrups

Young horses present a bigger risk

Though riding horses of any age or experience level is always risky, it is even more so with young horses. Youngsters tend to be more unpredictable, which is why falling off is not uncommon. The trainer’s job, however, is to ensure that they take all possible safety precautions, including using safety stirrups.

One of the biggest and most dangerous risks you may run into while training and riding young horses is falling off and getting stuck in your stirrups. This is especially true if the horse tends to spook easily, buck, rear, or bolt. 

Safety stirrups and safety gear for training young horses

Before you hop on a young horse, you should have at least the following safety gear:

Having a helmet is a non-negotiable, no matter what your experience level is or whether or not you are riding a young or an experienced horse. A helmet protects your head, which is why it is by far the most important gear to have. Also, remember to replace your helmet after every time you fall.

Gloves protect your hands from blisters and rope burns. You should also wear them when walking or lunging a horse. Boots protect your leg from getting pinched between the saddle and stirrup leathers, as well as ensure your foot will not go through the stirrups in the event of an accident. 

Safety stirrups ensure that your foot will release from the stirrups, should you fall off. In addition, a safety vest protects your neck, spine, and ribs. 

Ophena S magnetic safety stirrups

Ophena has developed magnetic safety stirrups that ensure your safety in the best possible way. The magnetic connection keeps your foot in one place, the open side ensures your foot will release from the stirrups, and our Smart Attach -system makes removing your stirrups easy. As a cherry on top, we also have a beautiful design that pleases the eye. 

Should you want to order yours, simply add your stirrups in the cart and finish your order. Your safety stirrups will arrive in your mailbox. Additionally, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. Ophena magnetic safety stirrups are an excellent choice when riding young horses.

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