Quick release stirrups for dressage riders - what's the best option?

When you are showing your horses in dressage, you have to keep up with strict rules, especially when it comes to tack and dress code. For instance, in showjumping, you can pick whatever kind of quick release stirrups or safety stirrups you want, but in dressage, that is not the case.

Dressage riders are not allowed to use any aiding tack when showing. For instance, they are not allowed a whip and clucking is not allowed either. Also, horses are not allowed to wear protective boots or polo wraps.

Stirrups also have to look a certain way - for instance, peacock stirrups are not something that many dressage riders would pick for themselves.

What kind of stirrups are allowed in dressage?

In dressage, you can use any stirrups that don't aid you in a specific way. For instance, as per FEI dressage regulations, magnetic safety stirrups are not allowed. However, you can use other kinds of quick release stirrups, such as Freejump stirrups, curved side stirrups, covered toe stirrups and so on.

Even though all these stirrups are allowed, many dressage riders opt-out of them purely for the looks. In addition, you should remember that rules at your local show or nationally may differ from the FEI dressage rules, so it is recommended to check the before entering a show.

What kind of quick release stirrup should I use?

When you are training at home, at the end of the day, there is a bigger risk for falls, accidents, and injuries. This is why you should always own the kind of quick release stirrups that are the safest option for you and use them when training.

For instance, our magnetic safety stirrups are an excellent option for training at home. In fact, the magnet in the bottom of the stirrups and your boots will help you to keep your foot on the right spot, which can be beneficial especially for beginners.

Should I buy safety stirrups online?

However, when you go to shows, you should pick separate stirrups for showing. Many dressage riders prefer a classy look that doesn't stand out, for instance, curved stirrups or flexible joint stirrups. These kinds of stirrups are usually made of stainless steel and they are easy to keep clean - a great choice for showing.

Curved quick release stirrups


Dressage rules in your area may differ from the FEI rules, so you should check what kind of stirrups are allowed in your local shows. Also, consider getting super safe quick release stirrups to use at home and different kinds for using at shows.