Used Ophena stirrups second hand - where to get them?

Ophena manufactures safety stirrups that have been designed with utmost safety in mind. The idea for Ophena magnetic safety stirrups started when we thought about designing stirrups that had an innovative safety mechanism. Today, our stirrups are loved all over the world by amateurs and professionals. In fact, many even wonder if getting Ophena stirrups second hand is possible.

We have good news: Ophena B-stock allows interested equestrians to purchase our safety stirrups without breaking the bank, and you can get a pair of magnetic safety stirrups of your own.

Ophena stirrups second hand - where to get them?

But what is Ophena B-stock and how can you utilize it? We will look at this subject closer in this article, so read on.

Ophena safety stirrups second hand vs. Ophena B-stock

Purchasing equestrian tack can get pricey. After all, we want to take good care of our horses and get them the best possible tack that fits them. So, sometimes we as riders have to make sacrifices. Maybe you are not able to get your brand new Ophena safety stirrups, and you are wondering how to get Ophena safety stirrups second hand to save some cash.

As Ophena safety stirrups are only sold exclusively at, you might need to scour online equestrian groups and ask around about Ophena safety stirrups second hand. 

But, we have good news for you.

Ophena B-stock gives you a chance to buy your own Ophena safety stirrups at a discounted price, but in an as-good-as-new condition.

What is B-stock?

Ophena safety stirrups sometimes become available as B-stock. These are stirrups that have suffered some minor aesthetic imperfections during the manufacturing process, but are fully functional.

So, you may see some scratches or other visual imperfections, but the stirrups work just as they should. 

B-stock stirrups are discounted by 20 %.

They are fully functional and checked by our team. Also, some parts are always new, like the magnetic insoles. 

So, there is no need to use time and effort to finding Ophena safety stirrups second hand: instead, you can see if we have products available in B-stock.

How can I buy B-stock safety stirrups?

Getting in touch with us about Ophena safety stirrups in B-stock is easy. Simply fill out a form here

We will get in touch with you in 24 hours and confirm availability and other details. Then, we will create an order link for you and you can make a payment using a credit card or Paypal, for instance.

Your new stirrups will be shipped to you as soon as possible.

B-stock stirrups also come with our 60-day money back guarantee, so you will surely be happy with what you get. 

What kind of safety stirrups do you have in B-stock?

All of our stirrups may be available in B-stock. Whether you are looking for Ophena S, Ophena S Pro, or our new Ophena A, just fill out our form (link above) and get in touch with us. 

Ophena S and Ophena S Pro are magnetic safety stirrups have been designed especially with showjumpers and eventers in mind. They are also accepted by the FEI for showjumping, so you can use your new safety stirrups at shows, too. 

Ophena A, on the other hand, is meant for everyone, but loved by dressage riders. Ophena A is a safety stirrup without magnets, making it suitable for FEI dressage (and all other disciplines) as well. However, do not be fooled: Ophena A is not just a regular safety stirrup. It features new, innovative technology called The Twister that gives it a safety edge. 

If you are unsure which stirrups to choose, check out our detailed stirrup comparison.

Read our reviews

We have already received over 1500 five-star reviews. Our customers consist of amateurs and professionals across all disciplines. They love the safety aspect, ease of use, beautiful design, among other things. 

If you are ready to get your own Ophena safety stirrups second hand or otherwise, do not hesitate to contact us.