Ophena stirrups: benefits of our safety stirrups

Ophena is a Swedish company that focuses their efforts on designing and manufacturing unique safety stirrups with features that do more than help to keep riders safe: our safety stirrups have been designed with the overall riding experience in mind.

In this article, we will look at some of the benefits our customers have experienced by using Ophena stirrups. Spoiler alert: we have over 1,500 five-star reviews that speak for themselves!

Ophena stirrups: magnetic safety stirrups

The very first stirrup that was designed and manufactured by Ophena was Ophena S: this sleek and modern magnetic safety stirrup is still our best seller. Ophena S features an open design, magnetic connection, Smart Attach™-system, and great treading for better grip. 

Ophena S is available in silver and black.

After Ophena S came Ophena S Pro. This is also a magnetic safety stirrup and it differs from Ophena S by providing improved treading and grip: the Ophena S Pro combines magnetic grip with a unique diamond grip that is made from hardened aerospace-aluminum.

Ophena S Pro is also available in silver and black. 

Ophena stirrups: non-magnetic safety stirrups

We understand that some riders may not want the magnetic feature. For instance, dressage riders cannot attend dressage shows with magnetic safety stirrups. So, we decided to create safety stirrups that suit everyone: our newest product is Ophena A, a safety stirrup with patent-pending 360° double-safety release technology. 

Ophena A features a safety-release system called The Twister: it is a silicone piece that closes the outer side of the stirrup and can release at two independent points and in any direction. This minimizes the chances of the rider's foot getting caught in case of a fall.

In addition, Ophena A features integrated dampening that makes the stirrups more flexible and eases the pressure on the rider's knees upon hard impact, for instance during showjumping sessions.

What are the benefits of Ophena stirrups?

The main purpose of Ophena stirrups is to minimize the risk of a rider getting caught in the stirrups. However, thanks to the excellent grip our stirrups provide, integrated dampening, and magnetic connection that keeps the foot in the right place, our customers have experienced many unexpected benefits.

  • Improved posture
  • Improved leg position
  • Better grip
  • Ideal foot position
  • Reduced knee pain
  • Higher safety

Additionally, our Smart Attach™-system makes it simple to attach and remove your stirrup leathers from the stirrups without removing them from the saddle. This saves time, effort, sweat, tears... and your stirrup leathers. 

How to get Ophena stirrups?

Ophena stirrups are exclusively available at Opena.com and can be purchased directly from our website. It is very easy to buy your own Ophena stirrups: just follow these steps.

  1. Choose the stirrups you want (Ophena S, Ophena S Pro, Ophena A)
  2. Choose the size of your magnetic insole (if purchasing Ophena S or Ophena S Pro)
  3. Choose the color
  4. Fill our your shipping details

Your new Ophena stirrups will arrive as soon as possible and you will have a 60-day money-back guarantee. This is how confident we are that you will love your new safety stirrups.

Ophena stirrups second hand

You may wonder if it is possible to purchase Ophena stirrups second hand. We do offer our customers a chance to sign up to our B-Stock list. 

Products in our B-Stock are fully functional Ophena products with minor aesthetic imperfections. They are discounted by 20 %, so you will be able to save some money on your purchase. 

You can sign up for our B-stock list here

Check out our reviews

If you are still on the fence, check our reviews. Our customers have shared their experiences in our review-section, and you can read more about their experiences. 

This review is one of our favorites. 

Janine K.

July 27th, 2021

Best. Purchase. EVER.

These stirrups have been a total game-changer for me! Aside from their obvious safety benefits, they position themselves on your feet perfectly every time. I’ve had trouble keeping my stirrups positioned correctly on my feet for the 25 years I’ve been riding, and I’ve never been able to correct this issue until buying these stirrups. Now, I can concentrate having more consistent communication with my horse, instead of fiddling with my stirrups constantly. These are absolutely worth the money - I wish I had purchased them sooner!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Purchase

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