Ophena S Pro - why you should upgrade your safety stirrups in 2022

Riding horses is a wonderful sport, but it has its risks. Thus, riders put on a helmet, a safety vest, gloves, boots, and many use safety stirrups. In 2022, there are multiple different kinds of safety stirrups out there, and it might even be challenging to pick the right ones. 

Today, we will look at Ophena S Pro: magnetic safety stirrups that will (frankly put) upgrade your whole look. 

Ophena safety stirrups

Ophena S Pro and why you should get these safety stirrups

At Ophena, we wanted to create safety stirrups that offer ultimate safety for both amateurs and professionals alike. After some serious brainstorming, Ophena S (our bestseller) was born. Ophena S and the upgraded version Ophena S Pro, both have an open side, a magnetic connection, foot stopper, Smart Attach -system, and a very elegant look.

Both of these safety stirrups work the same way: bring your foot close to the stirrup, and the magnetic connection will pull the magnets together - thus, putting your foot in the right place in the stirrups.

In the video below, you will see Ophena S in action.

Also, before moving on to tell you why Ophena S Pro is a great choice, we should introduce our Smart Attach -system. Did you think that attaching and detaching your safety stirrups could ever be this easy?

So, what is different about Ophena S Pro?

After some careful thinking and brainstorming, yet again, we came up with an upgraded version of Ophena S for those who require just a little bit more.

Our Ophena S Pro magnetic safety stirrups have extreme grip. In fact, Ophena S Pro combines magnetic grip with a diamond grip made from hardened aerospace-grade aluminium, making the grip even better than before.

These are the safety stirrups for eventers and those who are not afraid to ride in any weather - hale or rain!

Get your own safety stirrups today

Ordering your own Ophena S or Ophena S Pro is very easy. All you need to do is follow the steps below. 

1. Choose either Ophena S or Ophena S Pro

2. Choose the size of magnetic insoles

3. Choose the color (silver or onyx black)

4. Place your order

The stirrups will be sent to your mailbox before you know it, and you will get to try out your new upgraded stirrups. Also, our magnetic safety stirrups have a 60-day money-back guarantee, which ensures the happiness of our customers. 

Want to save some money?

Investing in your own safety is always a good choice: after all, riding horses can be a risky sport. However, we understand that some riders might want to save some money on their stirrups.

Sometimes, our safety stirrups are offered as B-stock: in other words, they are fully functional products that have some cosmetic imperfections that have happened during manufacturing. You can contact us to sign up to our B-stock wait list, and you might be able to save some money on your order.