Ophena S Pro: magnetic safety stirrups with a grip that holds

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups quickly became well-known for riders around the world. Both amateurs and professional riders from showjumpers to eventers, hunters, and even dressage riders rely on Ophena safety stirrups. While Ophena S is our best seller and the one that our customers turn to, we wanted to offer riders something more: Ophena S Pro with a diamond tread that leaves no room for doubt. 

Ophena S Pro: magnetic safety stirrups with a grip that holds

Safety stirrups with extreme grip

Ophena S Pro features a diamond tread that provides extreme grip. It is made from hardened aerospace-grade aluminium that gives the riders the best possible grip, no matter the weather. The best possible grip makes you feel safe even if it is pouring outside. 

Especially eventers fall in love with our Ophena S Pro magnetic safety stirrups with ultimate grip. Eventing consists of three parts: dressage, showjumping, and cross-country. When riding the cross-country course, the rider has to make split-second decisions when riding in the woods and across fields. When it is raining outside, the ride gets more challenging: it is important to ensure the safety of the rider and the horse, no matter what. 

Ophena S Pro with extreme grip ensures that your foot will not slip even when it is wet outside. You will feel safer throughout the ride.

Magnetic safety stirrups in two colors

Both of our magnetic safety stirrups come in two colors: silver and onyx black. They are both trendy, modern, stylish, and extremely safe. Both of our stirrups include a magnetic connection, foot stopper, open side, excellent grip, and Smart Attach -system. 

The magnetic connection ensures that your foot will always stay in the right place. Also, you will not lose your stirrup during your ride. The open side ensures that your foot will always release in case of a fall, and thanks to the foot stopper, your foot will not slide out of the stirrup by accident. 

Also, the Smart Attach -system makes it easy to remove and attach your stirrup leathers. 

How do Ophena stirrups work?

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups are easy to use. This is one of the reasons why our customers love our stirrups - take a look at our customer reviews.

Below, you will see a video of our magnetic safety stirrups in action.

Order yours today

You can order your own magnetic safety stirrups today. Simply choose Ophena S or Ophena S Pro, pick your color, pick the insole size, and add to cart. Finish your purchase and wait for your package to arrive. 

The best part? We have a 60-day money-back guarantee, which ensures that you will always be happy with your purchase.