Ophena products introduced: from safety stirrups to saddle pads

Ophena took the world by the storm: in the beginning of our company's journey, we first introduced magnetic safety stirrups that made everyone gasp. Later on, we added a new model, and even a saddle pad. Now, Ophena manufactures luxurious magnetic safety stirrups, magnetic insoles, and Evolution saddle pads.

Here, we will introduce all of our fantastic products - maybe you will get holiday gift ideas, too.

Magnetic safety stirrups - The heart of Ophena

It is no secret that everyone loves our magnetic safety stirrups. Currently, we have two different models: Ophena S and Ophena S Pro. 

Ophena S is our very first model - and the most popular one at that. It features a magnetic connection, open side, a foot stopper, and a Smart Attach -system that allows you to attach and detach your stirrups to/from your stirrup leathers easily. In addition, the innovative design is an eye-catcher.

Ophena S is available in silver and onyx black. 

Ophena S Pro was recently created to serve those who want a little bit more of "something." While Ophena S Pro includes the same features as Ophena S, it also has an exciting addition: diamond grip made from hardened aerospace-grade aluminium. This is a fantastic choice, for instance, for eventers and those who will head out to trails even when it is raining outside.

Also, Ophena S Pro magnetic safety stirrups are also available in silver and onyx black.

See how Ophena safety stirrups work:

Magnetic insoles - included with the safety stirrups

Both of our stirrup models come with magnetic insoles. You can choose your size as you make your stirrup purchase. Also, if you need to replace your magnetic insoles, you can always head to our shop and add an extra pair into your cart.

Get your magnetic safety stirrup engraved

Now you can even get personalized engraving to your magnetic safety stirrups. Simply add your stirrups to cart and choose the engraved option. The engraving will be placed at the front of both stirrups and you can choose what it says: it can be your name, your horse's name, your motto, or something else.

Laser engraving customizes your new magnetic safety stirrups in a way that will make you and your horse stand out.

Evolution saddle pad - dressage and showjumping

Our customers wished for it, we made it happen! Ophena Evolution saddle pad is a luxurious saddle pad made of multiple layers and crafted for durability. It is  lined with honeycomb cotton, and decorated with two beautiful cords, while perfectly matching the Ophena logo.

The saddle pads are available for dressage and showjumping, and the sizes are full or half. You will have your choice of black, white, or midnight blue!

Ophena safety stirrups and other products

Ophena gift card

Do you know someone who loves Ophena? You can surprise them with a gift card. It is available from 10 euros to 500 euros and you can send it to your friend easily, as the card is digital and no physical gift card is needed.