No-Stirrup November - Ride without stirrups!

It's November, a wonderful time of the year and the no stirrup season has begun. The No-Stirrup November movement was started many years ago and today, riders all over the world participate. It is a great time for students and amateur riders to learn how to ride without stirrups.

Here are some of the top benefits you can get when you ride without stirrups.

No Stirrup November

Improved balance while riding without stirrups

Riders are encouraged to enjoy their lessons without relying on stirrups. If you can learn to ride without stirrups, you will be able to evenly distribute your weight on the back of the horse and get more balance.

It is essential that your weight is evenly distributed and you are balanced on the horse during a riding lesson, as it helps the horse to move freely while you ride.

More control over the horse

Without stirrups, you will be able to ride horses easily while maintaining a better posture. This is one of the first lessons for beginners. If you can maintain a good posture while riding a horse, you can avoid backaches and sore muscles after your lesson.

Stirrups can influence your posture on the horse, but without them, you are free to assume a comfortable posture that gives you more control over the horse.

Build your confidence

When you learn not to rely on stirrups, you will become more confident in your riding skills. As an equestrian, riding with confidence should be your goal; it will help you to achieve your dreams of becoming a professional faster.

Tips for riding without stirrups

To help you have a wonderful first experience while riding without stirrups this November, here are some tips.

Always do your stretches before each riding session

Exercise always helps; you should do the simplest stretches just before riding. The stretches are good for your hips and lower back.

Ride indoor or in a closed outdoor riding ring

It is important to ride in a safe area without stirrups. If you are a newbie with these exercises, it's best to ride in the indoor ring.

Maintain a proper posture

Always push your shoulders back, while maintaining a good balance with your hips. And look ahead at all times, while you are riding. Maintain deep breaths in a rhythm, it will help you relax so you can enjoy the ride.

Don’t start with a trot

Many riders are tempted to start with a trot, but remember that you are not using stirrups. In this situation, it is best to start with walk for a few minutes before progressing into a trot.


Riding without stirrups is an excellent way to make you a better rider. It'll improve your balance, posture and riding skills in general.

If you are a beginner, your instructor may assign someone to be on the ground while you ride. This is a precautionary measure for safety. Your guide will help you focus on your balance. You will also be able to ride without making any mistakes, by following the instructions of your guide on the ground.