Magnetic safety stirrups - pros and cons

The equestrian world faces new tech constantly. New tack and equipment are created to help riders and horses as well as improve safety and well-being. Magnetic safety stirrups are one of the newest and coolest inventions. In fact, Ophena magnetic safety stirrups are more than just that: they also feature an open side, a foot stopper, and a Smart Attach system.

But why should you get magnetic safety stirrups? And are there any cons for getting these safety stirrups?

Magnetic safety stirrups: Pros

There has been a lot of talk about safety stirrups in general, but especially about magnetic safety stirrups. Nowadays, there are a few different companies that manufacture them. However, Ophena S and Ophena T specifically have received a lot of attention and great reviews, because they are more than just stirrups with magnets.

Open side and a foot stopper

Ophena safety stirrups feature an open side. This way, if you fall off your horse, your foot will never get stuck in your stirrups. Now, some people may wonder if the open side would make it easier for your foot to slide out. The answer is no.

Not only is the magnet holding your foot in place, but the stirrups also have a foot stopper on the side. So, should your foot ever slide towards the edge, the foot stopper will stop your foot from sliding out of the stirrups.

Magnetic safety stirrups

Smart Attach system

Don't you just hate it when you have to remove your stirrups from the leathers and saddle? No hassle anymore! With the Smart Attach system, you can remove your stirrups without removing your leathers from the saddle. See for yourself:

Ophena S safety stirrups

Beautiful design

Ophena S and Ophena T are both beautifully designed. Ophena T is also made of titanium and it is available in multiple colors. With these safety stirrups you are not only safe, but you are also stylish.

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups

Magnetic insoles

You might wonder how your boot is going to stick to the stirrup. The short answer is: with magnetic insoles. The best part is that our safety stirrups are shipped to you with the insoles: no need to buy them separately. They are also thin and will fit into your boot easily.

Accepted by the FEI for showjumping

Our safety stirrups are approved for certain disciplines in certain countries. You should check this separately with your equestrian federation. However, the FEI has approved our safety stirrups for showjumping.

Magnetic safety stirrups: Cons

To be frank, these safety stirrups don't really have any cons. They are safe and secure. And when it comes to Ophena magnetic safety stirrups, they are also super stylish with wonderful features.

However, magnetic safety stirrups are not cheap. You get what you pay for! Also, magnetic safety stirrups are not approved for dressage. Don't forget, that you should still use safety stirrups when riding at home, even if you couldn't do that at shows.


Magnetic safety stirrups are excellent for anyone who rides horses. We should always do our best efforts for staying safe and safety stirrups are a great start. They help you to fall off safely, minimizing unnecessary risks.