Magnetic safety stirrups - FAQ answered!

Magnetic safety stirrups are the newest invention in the equestrian world. As technology advances, our tack can advance too! Long gone are the days of regular stirrups that don't release in case of an accident - safety stirrups come in many forms and magnetic safety stirrups are one of the most popular models.

As our Ophena S and Ophena T have gotten so much attention (they have even been sold out!), we have also received a lot of questions about our magnetic safety stirrups on Instagram and other platforms.

In this article, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have other questions in mind, remember to also check our FAQ-section.

Frequently asked questions

"Can you dismount like normal or do you need to use your hands to get them off your feet?"

Answer: You do not need to use your hand to get our stirrups off your feet. They are designed so that when pressure is applied in an angle, you can easily dismount your horse and release your stirrups off your feet.


"Is the whole insole magnetic or is there a magnet in the correct spot under the ball of your foot?"

Answer: The magnet is positioned in the correct position, so you can place your foot above your stirrup and the magnets pull towards each other, finding the perfect spot for you.


"Do you ship to the United States?"

Answer: Yes, we ship worldwide!


"So you would never get stuck in a stirrup when thrown off because the magnet isn’t strong enough to pull you with the horse right? You would just fall and not get dragged?"

Answer: That's correct! The magnetic strength is designed so you cannot get stuck.


"Are the insoles sold separately and are they bulky in your boots?"

Answer: A pair of insoles comes with the stirrups. You can buy additional pairs separately. They are 4.3mm thin and fit in most riding boots. In case you already have insoles in your boots, you can replace those.


"What's the difference between Ophena S and Ophena T?"

Answer: Ophena S is made of stainless steel and Ophena T of titanium. They have the same main functions, Ophena T has a different design and colors and is more lightweight. Read more about our magnetic safety stirrups contact us should you have any questions.