Magnetic safety stirrups can help you to become a better rider

Horseback riding requires a lot of skill and learning never ends. Even when you are an experienced rider, you will always have more to learn, and you can always be better. Having the right kind of tack can, in fact, help you to become a better rider. In this article, we will look at how magnetic safety stirrups can help you to improve your riding.

Magnetic safety stirrups from Ophena

Choose your tack wisely

If the tack you choose does not benefit you or fit you (and your horse), it can actually make riding harder for you. For instance, a dressage rider will most likely do better in a dressage saddle than a jump saddle: the dressage saddle will provide better support for your legs when your stirrup leathers are long. On the other hand, the wing of a jump saddle will support a showjumping rider's leg correctly.

Even the right kind of safety stirrups can make you a better rider. When the stirrup supports your foot, keeps your foot in the correct spot, provides flexibility, and has safety features, you will feel more comfortable riding.

Ophena's magnetic safety stirrups provide a magnetic connection that always ensures your foot stays in the right spot. Even if you lose your stirrup while riding, the magnet will pull towards its opposite piece (located in your magnetic insoles) and help you to catch it quicker.

As you get comfortable with the correct foot position, you will be able to find the right spot even if you ride without magnetic safety stirrups.

Also, our safety stirrups provide ultimate security because of the open side (see below), making sure that your foot will always release from the stirrups in case of a fall.

 Benefits of choosing the correct safety stirrups

The correct, high-quality stirrups will benefit you, for instance, with the following ways:

  • It will keep your foot in the correct place
  • Your foot will not slip or slide
  • Your foot will release in case of an accident
  • It provides flexibility and support for your foot and ankle

Order safety stirrups online

You can easily order our safety stirrups online. Our Ophena S and Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups both come in three colors and are beautifully designed, safe, and luxurious. You can order yours with a few simple steps:

  1. Choose Ophena S or Ophena T
  2. Choose the color
  3. Choose your foot size (for magnetic insoles)
  4. Complete your purchase

Your stirrups will arrive beautifully packaged in your mailbox and best of all, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you have any questions, remember to check our FAQ-page and you can also contact us.