Magnetic safety stirrups are an important part of the safety gear

Riding horses is fantastic and it is a great hobby for kids and adults alike. There is so much you can do with horses, from dressage to showjumping, trail riding and cross country. Adrenaline and excitement are a part of most disciplines and working with a big animal can be very rewarding and build confidence, especially for kids.

However, as every equestrian knows, riding horses comes with its risks. As they say, horseback riding is super safe - as long as you don't fall off. Unfortunately, no matter how good of a rider you are, you will eventually fall off your horse. It's bound to happen, and our job is just to make sure that we take all the possible safety precautions.

Number one is always a helmet

No matter how you look at it, your number one safety gear and your best friend is your helmet. Many times, accidents and falls can get much worse without a helmet. All professionals understand the risk, and getting your own helmet is the very first thing you should do.

The right kind of footwear

You would think that your footwear doesn't really matter, right? Wrong. You should own boots that have a heel and that fit your safety stirrups perfectly. Without a heel, your foot can slide through the stirrup, causing seriously dangerous situations.

Riding boots or riding shoes with half chaps are recommended.

Magnetic safety stirrups are the newest tech

When you ride horses, you should always make sure you have safety stirrups. When you ride at a riding school, you may not have a say in what kind of stirrups you get - but just ensure they are safety stirrups. Often times, even if you ride at a riding school, you can still bring your own safety stirrups.

Our magnetic safety stirrups have been designed with safety in mind. It's easy to attach them to your stirrup leathers with Smart Attach (TM) system and the magnets keep your foot in the right spot. Also, the open side of the stirrup ensures that your foot will always release in case of a fall.

Gloves prevent burns

Whenever you're working with horses, not just riding, you should always wear gloves. When a 1000-pound animal takes off, you can't hold it - but with gloves, you can prevent nasty rope burns. Also, riding without gloves will surely give you blisters.


No matter what you do with horses, you should always ensure your safety. Horses are, after all, prey animals and their instincts may take over whenever. You just have to make sure that you stay safe in case they do!