Improve your 2- and 3-point seat with our advice

Showjumping riders typically sit in 2- or 3-point seat when they ride  through a jumping course. Depending on the situation, the rider might sit closer to the saddle (3-point seat) or lighter in the saddle (2-point seat). By mastering your 2- and 3-point seats, you will be able to control your horse better, be more balanced, and have a better riding experience overall. 

In this article, we will look at some useful tips and tricks for improving your seat. 

What is a 2- and 3-point seat?

First things first: what is a 2- and 3-point seat? When you do showjumping, you will lift your bum off the saddle and pull all your weight to your heels while leaning forward and getting ready to move with your horse over the jump. 

The 3-point seat is a so-called working showjumping seat that you will use mainly for cantering and turning. The 3-point seat allows you to sit closer to the horse and still easily feel his movements underneath you while still giving your horse the freedom to move. The term comes from having three points of contact: both of your knees and your butt.

The 2-point seat is a half-seat where your bum will be completely off the saddle and you will have two points of contact: your knees. The 2-point seat is great when you need your horse to speed up a bit, you will need to give him room to move, or when you are riding lines or double or triple combinations. 

How to improve your 2- and 3-point seat 

Staying in your 2- and 3-point seat can seem challenging and even difficult at times. Especially if you are a beginner or are riding difficult horses that require all your attention and focus. 

However, the good news is that there are things you can do to improve your seat. 

Don't forget to do your squats

Staying in a 2- and 3-point seat for a long time can make your quads burn. When your muscles fatigue, it becomes harder to hold the position and to stay balanced. You can improve your seat and strength simply by doing some bodyweight lunges and squats at home. 

Practice on the saddle

You can practice your 2- and 3-point seats on the saddle too. Simply shorten your stirrups and get in your chosen seat and canter around the ring until your legs start to burn. Doing this even for 10 minutes during the warm up can help you to improve your seat significantly. Remember to do both reins, left and right!

Get magnetic safety stirrups

Simply getting the right kind of stirrups can already help you to improve your 2- and 3-point seat. Our magnetic safety stirrups Ophena S and Ophena S Pro have a magnetic connection that places your foot in the correct spot on the stirrups. 

Because our magnetic safety stirrups place your foot in the correct spot and keep it there, it will be easier for you to find the correct lower leg position, which in turn will help you to find better posture and balance. 

In fact, many of our customers have reported improved seat, posture, and better balance. Don't believe us? Read our stirrup reviews

Getting your own Ophena stirrups

After reading our stirrup reviews, you might be intrigued to get a pair of your own, too. Well, we have good news: you can order your own pair of magnetic safety stirrups from, where they are exclusively sold. 

We offer two models of magnetic safety stirrups: Ophena S and Ophena S Pro.

They both feature the following:

  1. Open design for improved safety
  2. Magnetic connection
  3. Excellent treading (Ophena S Pro includes improved treading for those who need the extra grip)
  4. Smart Attach™ -system makes it easy to attach and detach your stirrups to and from your stirrup leathers

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