How do safety stirrups work?

Riding a horse is such a wonderful experience. You will enjoy the rush of adrenaline, graceful movements of the horse, and satisfaction from partaking in one of the oldest and grand sports. However, in order to improve every horse rider’s experience, special safety gear is recommended to help keep you safe. One of such accessories is the safety stirrups, which will be the focus of this article.

What are safety stirrups?

In the simplest terms, these stirrups are horse riding accessories that help you maintain balance and a proper posture while riding a horse. The stirrups can also help you avoid being dragged along if you fall off the horse.

How do safety stirrups work?

Over the years, there have been different designs of stirrups to meet the varying needs of the horse riders. However, they all have similar functions.

Ophena magnetic stirrups feature a hollow opening that accommodates your foot. The landing on the stirrup is made with materials that prevent your boots from slipping.

In recent times, companies such as Ophena have developed much better stirrups, which have magnetic features on the stirrup and insoles. What this means is that the rider is more secure with these magnetic safety stirrups that hold the insoles firmly while riding a horse and can be detached during a fall.

How do these stirrups work?

It is recommended that horse riders who participate in equestrian events such as jumping, barrel racing, trail riding, dressage, and other high-speed events should use the safety stirrups.

These stirrups are designed to work automatically. While the stirrups help you maintain proper balance and control over the horse during a riding session, you can easily detach your foot to avoid being dragged on the ground.

Also, the stirrups will automatically be detached when your weight is exerted on it during a fall. The innovative magnetic safety stirrups designed by Ophena are recommended for all horse riders because of the advanced safety features.

The new magnetic stirrups make it possible for your horse riding boots to have more contact with the stirrups. The magnetic hold helps to improve your balance, and it will be detached by the pressure of your weight if you happen to fall off the horse.

Tips for buying safety stirrups

There are so many safety stirrup models in the market. You should buy only the best product that is guaranteed to keep you safe.

Compare available safety stirrups and their features to pick the best ones for you. For instance, our magnetic safety stirrups are excellent for showjumpers and eventer, but for kids, you should pick other kinds of stirrups, such as peacock stirrups.

Also, read the reviews on the product. The magnetic safety stirrups designed and sold by Ophena have had so many positive reviews, so I can confidently recommend the Ophena stirrups to everyone.