Dressage safety stirrups that will elevate your riding experience

When you ride a dressage test, you want to catch every single point you can and even choosing the right tack and safety stirrups can help you to earn more points. With the right safety stirrups, you can have an easier time riding and they can even affect your posture and position, which are also scored in a dressage test.

Choosing Ophena A safety stirrups from Ophena can be an excellent idea. 

In this article, we will look at how Ophena's non-magnetic safety stirrups can elevate your riding experience and help you to earn more points during a dressage test.

Ophena A's advantages for dressage riders

Dressage riders can benefit a lot from choosing the right kind of safety stirrups. After all, the correct positioning of the leg and foot can affect the overall riding experience in a significant way.

If your foot slips or doesn't stay in the correct spot throughout your ride, you may end up squeezing the saddle with your knees and things, which will instantly affect your heel, foot, hips, and posture. This chain reaction can then affect the points you get on your dressage test - and we all know that every point matters. 

Ophena A is a non-magnetic safety stirrup that is suitable for all disciplines, including dressage, and they are allowed at shows as well. 

Thanks to the functional design and excellent features, Ophena A can help you to ride better in several ways:

  • Controls your motion
  • Provides flexibility
  • Can help to improve your posture and balance
  • Provides a safer riding experience

The fantastic grip of the diamond treading, your foot will stay in place and it won't slip. The treding will grip the bottom of your boot and provide a more secure footing. This cn help you to feel more confident and focused in the saddle.

Ophena A has also been designed to provide flexibility and integrated dampening. This means that the stirrup will provide more comfort for your knees and joints, allowing for a much more comfortable overll riding experience.

Because the excellent grip and integrated dampening, it will be much easier for you to sit correctly. When keeping the stirrup on your foot is less work, your leg will relax and you will be able to sit deeper and straighter and improve your posture and balance.

Ophena A also features patent-pending safety technology called The Twister. A silicone piece closes the outer side of the stirrups and anchors in two attachment points. The silicone piece releases in all directions when pressure is applied, giving the stirrup an excellent safety aspect and allowing your foot to release from the stirrups easier in case of a fall.

Here's how Ophena A works:

Get your own pair of Ophena A's

Ophena A is exclusively sold at Ophena.com and you can buy your own pair on our website. Just take a look at the shop and find Ophena A. 

If you are on the fence about getting your own safety stirrups from Ophena, you should read our stirrup reviews

If you are ready to get your own pair of Ophena A's, here's how you do it:

  1. Choose Ophena A from our stirrup list
  2. Choose the color (silver or black)
  3. Add to cart and finalize your payment

You will have a 60-day money-back guarantee - no questions asked!

But if you have any questions, feel free to ask us: just email or send us a message on social media.

Frequently asked quesions

Below, we will look at some frequently asked questions pertaining to our Ophena A.

Is Ophena A allowed at competitions?

Yes, Ophena A has been approved for use at FEI shows, and you can use them at your local competitions as well, unless otherwise specified by your equestrian federation.

Is Ophena A shock-absorbant?

Yes, Ophena A is shock-absorbant thanks to the flexible design and cushioning. 

Are the Twister pieces (silicone pieces) included?

Yes, a pair of the Twister silicone pieces is included in your order, and you can order additional pairs separately.

Is Ophena A suitable for kids?

Ophena A can be used by kids and adults and are excellent for both because of the safety release mechanism.

How much does Ophena A weigh?

Ophena A weighs 460 grams each.