Care for your safety stirrups the right way: useful tips

When you care for you tack, it will last longer and look nicer. Caring for your tack, such as safety stirrups, has another important aspect as well: safety. When you clean you tack regularly and take good care of it, you will be able to notice any wear and tear quicker and possibly even avoid dangerous situations. 

Sometimes we get busy and might neglect the care of our tack simply because of lack of time. However, leaving dirt to build up on your tack can go beyond just "looking dirty," which is why it's essential to know how to keep your tack clean and in good condition.

In this article, we will look at how you can take care of your safety stirrups in the best possible way. 

The importance of clean safety stirrups

You might think that dirt on your stirrups is just dirt - what's the big deal? Maybe it was a bit muddy today in the ring and your stirrups got dirty, but it's not like you have a show coming up, so you might leave your stirrups sandy and dirty until next time. 

Don't do that.

The dirt and sand on your safety stirrups can actually end up damaging the look of yoru stirrups and in some cases, even the safety mechanism. 

For instance, if you have safety stirrups with a hinge mechanism, any dirt and mud can get stuck between the hinges and cause the mechanism to jam when it's supposed to release. Sand and dirt can also cause unnecessary wear and tear to the safety mechanism simply by sitting in there for days.

Also, some safety stirrups have rubber parts, such as rubber treading or rubber rings on the outside of the stirrups (peacock stirrups). Rubber parts don't last as long as stainless steel or aluminum, so it's even more important to care for these parts and always clean them after use. 

We should also note that dirt and sand that builds up in between the treading or the nooks and crannies of the stirrups can cause the stirrups to get slippery.

And last but not least... dirty stirrups simply don't look good. In addition, when you pull your stirrups up on the stirrup leathers, dirty stirrups will also dirty up your saddle - and we all know what happens to leather that gets wet and dirty.

How to clean your safety stirrups?

Cleaning your safety stirrups doesn't have to take forever and it doesn't need ti be tedious - if you have the right tools.

Below, we will look at some useful and simple tips that will help you to keep your safety stirrups in check. 

Brush your stirrups first

The first step to cleaning your safety stirrups is to brush your stirrups with a soft brush. This gets the excess dirt off of your stirrups and you will be able to get in between the little nooks and crannies to brush off the grains of sand and dirt.

For instance, our bamboo brush is an excellent soft brush for getting your stirrups clean. Our stirrup cleaning kit also comes with a soft microfibre towel to finish up the cleaning.

Only use water when needed

If your stirrups are very dirty, there's no need to soak them in water or throw them in the bucket. Get a bowl of warm water with a drop of soap in it (only very little, as you don't want your stirrups becoming a slipping slide).

Dip a sponge or a towel in the water and wipe away the dirt. Remember to dry the stirrups properly after using water.

Cover your stirups with stirrup covers

Your saddle and stirrups will be well protected if you use soft stirrup covers. After cleaning your stirrups and making sure there is no dirt or mud left behind, cover your stirrups with our stirrup covers.

Ophena safety stirrups and their safety mechanism

Ophena manuactures magnetic safety stirrups and non-magnetic safety stirrups that have received glowing reviews from customers. 

Our luxurious stirrups have been designed with the rider's safety in mind and finished with a beautiful and visually appealing design.

Our most popular stirrups are Ophena S and Ophena S Pro which have gotten a truckload of five-star reviews from both amateurs and professional riders. These stirrups feature a magnetic connection, an open design, and treading that ensures a good grip at all times.

In the video below, you can see how our magnetic safety stirrups work.

 Our non-magnetic safety stirrup is called Ophena A and it has been designed to be suitable for all disciplines.

Unlike Ophena S and Ophena S Pro, Ophena A does not have a magnetic connection and the outer side is closed with a silicone piece that anchors in two points, releasing in all directions when pressure is applied.

In the video below, you can see how Ophena A works.

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