Can you show in Ophena stirrups?

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups have become well-known in the equestrian world. When Ophena was founded, the purpose was to design safety stirrups with ultimate safety features, while keeping the design beautiful and esthetically pleasing. Our customers love our magnetic safety stirrups, there is no doubt about that. But many wonder if it is possible to show in Ophena stirrups.

Ophena safety stirrups

The ultimate safety features

Ophena has manufactured two different magnetic safety stirrup designs: Ophena S and Ophena T. Both of them feature a magnetic connection, an open side, and a foot stopper. All of these features together ensure the ultimate safety of the rider, as in case of an accident, our stirrups release the rider's foot fast. Thus, the rider will not get stuck in their stirrups and get dragged behind the horse. 

In addition, the stirrups have a Smart Attach -system that allows for easy removal and attachment of the stirrups. And of course, we should not forget the beautiful design and Ophena logo, that finish the wonderful design. 

As Ophena magnetic safety stirrups are first and foremost designed for safety, they are also compliant in certain horse shows. 

FEI showjumping and USEF approved

Ophena stirrups are allowed at all FEI showjumping shows and in eventing (showjumping and cross country). In fact, the stirrups are approved for FEI Showjumping, British Showjumping, and USEF/USHJA Showjumping. In addition, they can be approved for para-dressage pending the judge's decision. 

Some equestrian federations have also approved Ophena stirrups for smaller, local, and national shows. If you have your own Ophena stirrups, you should double-check the approval with your own equestrian federation. 

However, keep in mind, that our stirrups are not approved for dressage shows. The reason is simply that dressage riders are not allowed to use any equipment that might aid in the performance: our stirrups help your foot to stay in place with the magnetic connection, thus they cannot be (yet, anyway) approved for dressage.

Why should I have Ophena stirrups at shows?

Ophena stirrups provide maximum safety. At horse shows, adrenaline runs high, and especially showjumping can be risky. It is a high-speed sport that requires a lot from the rider and the horse. No matter how good of a rider you are or how steady your horse is, accidents happen, and there is no way of predicting them. 

Having Ophena stirrups at horse shows ensures that you as a rider are a little bit safer. 

Order yours today

If you have not yet ordered your own Ophena safety stirrups, you can do it today. This is how easy it is to order stirrups online:

1. Choose whether you prefer Ophena S or Ophena T

2. Choose the size of your magnetic insoles

3. Add to cart and finish the payment

Remember, that we have a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, should you want to return your stirrups for any reason, you can do it easily. Also, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.