Breakaway stirrups vs. magnetic safety stirrups

The safety stirrups are excellent horse riding safety gear. In fact, every rider should have a pair of these stirrups. In the market, you will find two main options: the breakaway stirrups and the magnetic safety stirrups.

In this article, I will be writing about the two stirrup models mentioned above, to give you the insight to know more about their features and how they work.

What kind of safety stirrups should I get?

Safety stirrups are designed to help horse riders break free and avoid being dragged along if they ever fall off the horse's back while riding. The stirrups help you maintain proper balance on horseback and you are protected by the safety features if an accident happens.

Also, equestrian sports professionals who participate in high-speed sports such as trail riding or jumping should also use safety stirrups.

So, let’s talk about the two stirrup models you will find in the market:

Breakaway stirrups - what are they?

As the name suggests, the breakaway stirrups are designed to automatically detach from the rider's foot if she/he falls off. When riding at top speed, the horse will not stop immediately if the rider falls off. To avoid being dragged along, the breakaway stirrups make it possible for the horse rider to fall to the ground and be free from the horse.

Freejump safety stirrups

In addition, the breakaway stirrups are designed with an engineered mechanism that is automatically activated when the rider’s weight exerts pressure on the spring-loaded mechanism during a fall. The breakaway stirrup designs allow the mechanism to rotate in line with the angle of the rider’s body during a fall.

However, the breakaway mechanism is only activated when the rider falls at a particular angle, which can be unpredictable.

Some breakaway stirrups include for instance Freejump stirrups and Peacock stirrups, that are an excellent choice for children.

Magnetic safety stirrups - what are they?

These are newer and improved safety stirrups that allow horse riders to maintain better posture and balance during a riding session while offering more security. Also, Ophena magnetic safety stirrups are designed to help you to release from the stirrups quickly, should you ever fall off.

Magnetic safety stirrups

The magnetic safety stirrups can be used with all types of horse riding boots because they feature magnetic insoles. The magnetic safety stirrups pull towards the insole, which even helps you to catch your stirrups easily back on if you ever lose them while riding.

In addition, Ophena magnetic safety stirrups have an open side, which allows your foot to release easily every time. And you won't have to worry about your foot ever slipping out while riding: the foot stopper will prevent these kinds of incidents.

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