A helpful review of Ophena magnetic safety stirrups: Johanna's thoughts and tips

World-renowned Ophena S and Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups have become popular among both amateurs and professionals. After all, not only are the stirrups beautifully designed, they are also super safe and they have features most safety stirrups do not. 

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups

Today, we will look at Johanna Kruse's Youtube review of Ophena magnetic safety stirrups. Also, we will see what she says about them and what kind of tips she has for those who are wondering about getting a pair of their own.

Johanna tests Ophena magnetic safety stirrups

In the video below, you will see Johanna Kruse from Johanna Kruse Equestrian Youtube -channel testing and reviewng Ophena magnetic safety stirrups. Johanna speaks Swedish, but not to worry: the subtitles are available in English. 

You will first see the stirrups hanging from the stirrup leathers before Johanna gets on - and her horse, Elise, seems happy with the choice of stirrups, too!

Johanna has the stirrups on the wrong side at first, so she did not feel the magnetic pull - after switching the stirrups, she's ready to try again. She rides around the field in Ophena safety stirrups, after which she talks about her experience. 

(Note: the clip starts at 7:30 - if you would like to see the unwrapping of the stirrups, watch the video from the beginning!) 


What does Johanna have to say?

At the end of the video, Johanna talks about her experience. For instance, she says that she has a problem with her other knee, causing her other foot to point out more. With Ophena safety stirrups, both of her feet pointed forward, as the magnetic connection from the stirrups kept her foot in the correct angle.

She also pointed out that her foot did not slide in the stirrups, but instead, her foot stayed in place the whole time. 

Johanna also talks about the magnetic insoles. As you need the insoles inside your boot in order for the magnetic connection to work (the opposite plate is in the stirrups), your boot may feel tight at first. But not to worry: the insoles will flatten more as you use them.

All in all, Johanna loved Ophena safety stirrups and she recommends them to everyone. 

Are you ready to get your own safety stirrups?

If you have not gotten your own Ophena safety stirrups yet, you can do that today. First, simply decide if you prefer Ophena S or Ophena T. Then, choose your favorite color and the size of the magnetic insole. 

Last, finish your purchase by providing your address and other details. Your order will be sent out before you know it, and you will get to test the stirrups for yourself. 

Also, we have a 60-day money-back guarantee, which ensures the happiness of our customers. 

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