Why should I get Ophena A safety stirrups?

Ophena is devoted to helping equestrians stay safe during their rides. Having safety stirrups when riding is one of the most important things, because they ensure that the rider will not get stuck in the stirrups in case of a fall. 

Our first safety stirrup, Ophena S, became a huge success. It has a magnetic connection and thus is geared more towards showjumpers, as magnetic safety stirrups are not allowed at dressage competitions. But, we could not leave dressage riders high and dry, so we created something new and innovative: Ophena A safety stirrups with patent-pending safety technology.

What is Ophena A?

Ophena A safety stirrups have been developed with dressage riders in mind. These stirrups feature something unique and exceptional: The Twister™. It is a fully removable silicone piece that closes the outer side and releases in case of an accident.

The patent-pending 360° double safety release technology is something that has never been seen before. 

Even though The Twister may look like simple technology, it has highly functional and complex geometry that features anchor-like ends that match the aluminum counterpart.

If the rider falls off, the rider's foot will push the silicone piece off the anchors, releasing the rider's foot.

Safety stirrups with integrated dampening 

In addition to exemplary safety, the stirrups have been designed to provide soft dampening and flexibility. This makes the rides easier on your knees and of course, they are stylish and visually pleasing. 

Ophena A safety stirrups, just like Ophena S and Ophena S Pro, have excellent treading and they have been manufactured with high-quality materials.

This is how Ophena A safety stirrups work

Ophena A has a fool-proof safety mechanism. Here is how Ophena A works.

Ready to order your own safety stirrups?

Are you intrigued yet? Whether you are a dressage rider or a showjumper, you will enjoy these new safety stirrups to the fullest. Ophena A can be ordered exclusively at Ophena.com.


Here is how you order your own Ophena A:

  1. Choose Ophena A from our collection.
  2. Choose the color: silver or black.
  3. Fill in your order details and wait for your stirrups to ship.

Best of all: you will have a 60-day money-back guarantee that ensures that you will always be happy with your purchase. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Also, if you are still on the fence, check out our stirrup reviews and you will see why our customers love us.