What kind of a saddle pad can I have at horse shows?

Going to horse shows is important to many riders. In fact, horse shows can be an excellent way to bring something new into your training and figure out what you need to work on. They will also allow you to assess your own level and improve as a rider. However, before you head over to the nearest show, you should figure out what kind of tack you need to pack with you. In this article, we will look at what kind of a saddle pad you can have at horse shows.

Ophena Evolution saddle pad

Does it matter what kind of a saddle pad I have?

When attending official horse shows, you have to pay attention to the rules and regulations. Especially at higher level shows, such as FEI shows, you have to follow the rules very carefully. In fact, even having the wrong kind of a saddle pad could get you disqualified. 

There is a difference to what kind of saddle pads are allowed at horse shows depending on the discipline you do. 

At dressage shows, you are to have a white saddle pad. White saddle pads should be used at all levels, no matter if you show at your local shows or FEI shows. The pads can, however, have discreet embellishments, such as a cord at the rim on the pad. Also, sponsored riders can have the logo of their sponsor on the side of the saddle pads: however, there are strict guidelines to the size of the logo.

In addition, you can have the flag of your country, for instance, embroidered onto the pad. But again, there are strict measurements for the size of the embroidery, which you should check from the FEI rulebook in advance. 

While dressage riders cannot get very creative with their saddle pad choices, showjumpers and eventers can choose a different color saddle pad. Many choose to use their favorite color, such as blue, red, or purple. While white saddle pads are still allowed at showjumping shows as well, many riders tend to choose a bit brighter colors. 

Choose the right style for the saddle pad

While there is nothing in the rules that states that a dressage rider could not have a showjumping saddle pad, it is (of course) not recommended. Saddle pads have different styles for different disciplines, and they are designed in a way that fits the saddle of a certain discipline.

For instance, dressage saddles have a longer wing, so a saddle pad meant for dressage is straighter at the front, and it is generally bigger in size. On the other hand, jumping saddles have a wing that is more round, and jump saddles tend to also be smaller in size. This being the case, the shape of a jump saddle pad differs from a dressage pad.

Have you seen Opena's Evolution saddle pad yet?

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