Top 6 Stirrup Leathers Brands of 2024

For every equestrian who takes riding seriously, choosing top-quality gear is non-negotiable. Stirrup leathers are crucial to your riding comfort, precision, and safety. In this article, we spotlight the top six best stirrup leathers brands (in no particular order) in 2023 to elevate your riding experience.

1. Ophena

The Ophena brand meticulously combines form and function to unveil its luxury stirrup leathers, ensuring a superior experience for modern equestrians. These leathers are crafted from the finest calfskin, providing a soft touch while remaining resilient and robust, ideal for riders who appreciate the allure of premium materials.

The leathers incorporate a resilient nylon core, a feature that ensures a consistent length for maximum confidence and security in every ride. As a customizable gift option, the leathers can be engraved, are available in lengths of 126 cm, 138 cm, and 158 cm and come in 3 different colors: black, cognac, and chocolate. They are also the perfect companions to Ophena’s safety stirrups.

2. Prestige Italia

Prestige Italia is celebrated for crafting stirrup leathers that are enduring and comfortable, catering to both competitive and recreational riders. Their leathers are made from high-quality materials, featuring stainless steel buckles that facilitate easy adjustment and ensure a secure fit. The double stitching technique employed provides additional durability, making them a wise investment for serious equestrians.

3. Bates Saddles

Bates Saddles is renowned for integrating traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology. Their stirrup leathers are designed for comfort and longevity, providing a stable and secure connection between the rider and the saddle. With triple-layered design, these leathers resist stretching, and the solid stainless steel buckles offer easy adjustment and a perfect fit for all riders.

4. Shires Equestrian

Shires Equestrian, under their Velociti range, presents the GARA stirrup leathers, an embodiment of quality and innovative design. Made from premium leather, the GARA stirrup leathers offer riders durability and flexibility. They feature a non-stretch core, which ensures they maintain their length and shape even under constant use. Additionally, the sleek and modern design, coupled with their fine craftsmanship, makes these leathers not only a practical but also a stylish choice for equestrians looking for top-notch equipment.

5. LeMieux

LeMieux is synonymous with delivering equestrian products that blend tradition and innovative technology, and their stirrup leathers are no exception. Designed for comfort, these leathers are enduring, ensuring a secure and stable connection between the rider and the saddle. With a triple-layered design to resist stretching and solid stainless steel buckles for easy adjustment, LeMieux stirrup leathers stand out for their quality and reliability.

6. Amerigo

Amerigo is recognized for providing equestrian products that emphasize detail and quality, and their stirrup leathers are no exception. Crafted from premium Italian leather, Amerigo stirrup leathers are known for their durability and elegance. They offer a comfortable feel and are designed to prevent stretching, providing a secure and consistent ride for equestrians of all levels.

Tips: Determine your stirrup leather length

The appropriate stirrup leather length is influenced by your height and the equestrian discipline you prefer. Typically, show jumpers use leathers measuring 54 inches. Short riders often find leathers ranging from 48 to 52 inches suitable. Conversely, those with a taller stature may need 56-inch leathers.

In dressage, the common stirrup leather length is 60 inches. Short individuals may only need leathers that are 56 or 58 inches long, while taller riders should contemplate using stirrup leathers that fall between 62 and 67 inches.

Measuring your stirrup leather length

  1. For jumpers, measure the distance from your armpit to the end of your fingers. For dressage riders, measure your inseam down to your ankle bone.
  2. Multiply the obtained measurement by two.
  3. For those in jumping, add an extra two inches to the total. Dressage enthusiasts should add between six to eight inches to their measurement.


Selecting the right stirrup leathers is essential for a comfortable and safe riding experience. Brands like Ophena, Prestige Italia, Bates Saddles, Stubben, and Passier offer products that are not only crafted from the finest materials but also embody innovation and attention to detail. The newly launched Ophena stirrup leathers, with their myriad of features, are undeniably a standout choice for riders who seek the best in their equestrian gear.

In 2023, choose stirrup leathers that meet your riding needs and personal style, ensuring that every ride is as delightful and confident as it should be. With any of these top brands, you are investing in not just a product, but a promise of excellence and unparalleled riding experience. Happy Riding!