Magnetic safety stirrups - how effective are they?

Choosing the right kind of stirrups can seem like a taxing task. After all, nowadays you have so many choices from which to choose. You may have already noticed that magnetic safety stirrups have gotten a lot of attention over the years. So, how effective are they and why should you get them?

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups

Magnetic safety stirrups: how do they work?

Magnetic safety stirrups are exactly what they sound like: stirrups with magnets. The magnet lies within the bottom of the stirrup, and its counterpart is in the sole of your boot. In most cases, you simply need to purchase magnetic insoles to put into your own shoe - so, no need for special boots.

The magnets pull towards each other, forming a connection between your boot and the stirrup. Many wonder if the connection is so strong that you cannot get your foot off the stirrups: this is not the case. 

Instead, the connection helps you to keep your foot in one place, and should you lose a stirrup, the magnetic pull will make it easier to catch the stirrup back.

When you are ready to dismount your horse, simply lift your foot upwards and tilt your foot. You can see it from the video below:

Why should I get Ophena magnetic safety stirrups?

Magnetic safety stirrups are modern, sleek, and safe. Ophena has two different options: Ophena S and Ophena T. Both come in multiple colors, feature an open side, a foot stopper, Smart Attach -system, a magnetic connection, and (of course) beautiful design. Also, when you order your magnetic safety stirrups, you will get the magnetic insoles to go with them.

You can order your own magnetic safety stirrups from Ophena by selecting the model you want, the color you prefer, and the size of your magnetic insole. Add the stirrups to cart and you will receive them soon. 

And best of all, we have a 60-day money-back guarantee to ensure the happiness of our customers. 

Ophena magnetic safety stirrups are used all over the world by amateurs and professionals alike. They are easy to use, modern, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.

Can I use magnetic safety stirrups at horse shows?

The use of magnetic safety stirrups depends on your discipline, level, and country in which you compete. Ophena magnetic safety stirrups have been approved for FEI showjumping, for instance, but you should check with your equestrian federation in advance. Note, though, that at the moment magnetic safety stirrups are not allowed for dressage (excluding para-dressage). 

As the equestrian federations strive for safety, magnetic safety stirrups are, in most cases, approved for showjumping and eventing.