Monthly Gift Card Draw Winners

Every month we at Ophena give away a gift card amongst all customers who left a product review during that month. The winner is chosen at random and independent of the review's rating.

Below is a list of all past winners:

May 2020: Suzon N. from France

June 2020: Sarah S. from Ireland

July 2020: Stefanie V. from Germany

August 2020: Oscar H. from Sweden

September 2020: Kay B. from the United Kingdom

October 2020: Franziska L. from Austria

November 2020: Karen S. from France

December 2020: Michaela B. from Germany

January 2021: Thierry G. from France

February 2021: Mia B. from Germany

March 2021: Thalien W. from Belgium

April 2021: Katherine N. from United States

May 2021: Marine M. from France

June 2021: L. P. from France

July 2021: Melina L. from Germany

August 2021: Brian F. from the United Kingdom

September 2021: Natalie D. from the United Kingdom

October 2021: Suzane N. from the United States

November 2021: Denice S. from Sweden

December 2021: Jackie S. from the United Kingdom

January 2022: Anna L. from the United States

February 2022: Smaragda R. from Greece

March 2022: Richard D. from the United States

April 2022: Christophe P. from Germany

May 2022: Mark E. from the United States

June 2022: Beverley S. from the United Kingdom

July 2022: Claudia L. from Germany

August 2022: Laurence G. from France

September 2022: Patricia V. from Argentina

October 2022: Lisa T. from Austria

November 2022: Julia T. from Sweden

December 2022: Colleen C. from the United States

January 2023: Elodie P. from France

February 2023: Guillaume G. from France

March 2023: Bennie V. from the United Kingdom

April 2023: Marisol D. from Mexico

May 2023: Maria J. from Sweden

June 2023: Bettina B. from Sweden

July 2023: Tony D. from Belgium

August 2023: Jessica C. from Australia

September 2023: Mathilde D. from Switzerland

October 2023: Anita R. from Belgium

November 2023: Tineke V. from the Netherlands

December 2023: Catarina L. from Sweden

January 2024: Livia S. from Austria

February 2024: Severine F. from Germany

March 2024: F. J. from Brazil

April 2024: Alke D. from the Netherlands