Improve your foot position while riding

Why a good foot position is so important

A good foot position is important because it affects leg position, your seat and overall posture. The stirrups should be right under the ball of your foot and your heels should be down. From there, your heels, hips and shoulders should be in alignment and your foot position plays an important role in this.

A poor foot position leads to misalignment, which worsens your balance and seat. A good foot position makes for a steadier, calmer leg, a better seat and more relaxed joints, which also improves your body's natural shock-absorbing properties and helps prevent injury.

Our magnetic stirrups have helped thousands of riders improve their foot position and overall riding. They magnetically attract your feet and hold them in the correct position, improving your leg position and seat. They also prevent your feet from slipping and make you feel more secure. With so much positive feedback from riders of all ages and disciplines, we're sure our stirrups can help you improve your foot position, too.


How other riders have improved their foot position with Ophena stirrups


I absolutely love my Ophena stirrups! I feel so safe andsecurein them. They keep myfootin a perfectpositionand they’re absolutely beautiful. Very happy!

Product: Ophena S Pro

Verified Review by Kirsti K.

The perfect gift!

Brought these for my other half for Christmas! She is over the moon with them! I had them engraved with her name on and she was made up! They put herfootin the perfectpositionwhich she struggled with normally after having surgery. Would highly recommend these stirrups for lots of reasons! Worth the investment! Thank you Ophena

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Rhys D.


So far they’ve helped me no end. I don’t have to worry about my positioning of myfeetin the stirrups. It’s helping me with my balance and confidence. One less thing to think about when riding. Best invention ever!!.. 🤩

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Mark

Did you know? You can try our stirrups risk-free with our 60-day money-back guarantee.

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The best stirrups!

I love them! From a safety point of view, after a few falls where everything went well, the stirrups are perfect. They come right off, it's magic! From an aesthetic point of view, they are incredible! And finally from a practical point of view, they helped me in the fixity of my legs, in myposition and just for that I thank Ophena for having invented them! A great invention!!! Thank you very much!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Léa P. (translated from French)

Brilliant product

These stirrups keep yourfootand leg in the correctposition. Stabilise your riding and supports balance with your horse. Just brilliant.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Jo Banks

Safety and Confidence

Fantastic. My daughter loves them, they have given her extra confidence as she’s learning, by securing her correctfootpositions. They look really smart, are great quality and very safe too. Really pleased with them. Thanks

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Price R.

Ophena stirrups Amazing

Absolute life changer where my riding is concerned. They have helped meconcentrateon other things, while keeping myfeetstill, ankle more relaxed. Absolutely love them highly recommend. ❤️

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Debbie K.

Super stirrups

Absolutely fabulous. I was slightly sceptical about the effectiveness of the stirrups and wondered if the cost would be justified but 2 months of use has convinced me that it was the best purchase ever made. Lower leg andfootposition has always been my problem. Ophena magnetic stirrups have helped me enormously. Recommend them highly.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Joyce P.


I gave myself a real gift with these stirrups which are not only great looking, but also perfect for thepositionof thefootand leg. Really great

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Arnaud (translated from French)

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Worth every $$

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my Ophena Stirrups! I couldn’t rate this product enough! I was a bit apprehensive at first because of the price. However, they are 100% worth every dollar. I am new to riding, just a little over a year, and after a few falls I really lost my confidence. These stirrups are not only safe (yourfootdefinitely won’t get stuck in them) but have really helped me to regain that confidence I needed, whilst improving my overall skill, balance & corrects myfootposition. I recently had a horse try to buck me off, and the stirrups REALLY helped me to steady! I have learnt that horse riding involves SO many technical skills to think about all at once and these just make it that little (ALOT) easier while I learn!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Kate A.

Excellent, beautiful design and helps me to have more confidence.

It’s easy to use and give me security riding my horse, it’s always helping me to have my legs andfootin the correctposition They have a beautiful design.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Maria F.


Bought a pair for my 10 year old daughter and took two different soles. A stronger magnet for winter shoes and one with a weaker magnet for summer shoes , they made a big difference to her riding as herfootalways sits right and she can never get stuck when she falls off . We are super happy, something I can recommend.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Kristina L. (translated from Swedish)

great product

stirrups do not slide keep yourfeetin place...excellent product

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Vilma M.

Phenomenal invention!

Using these stirrups completely eliminates situations like loosing your stirrups or correcting yourfootposition in a stirrup while riding. You are free of these problems and canfocuson other aspects of your riding because of course - there is always so much more to achieve! I LOVE THESE STIRRUPS

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by RICHARD D.

A great riding experience

I have been using my Ophena stirrups for a few weeks now and I can say that I am thrilled. Thepositionof thefeetin the stirrups is perfect and unlike conventional stirrups, my hips are not blocked. I bought them because of the safety aspect. I was totally surprised by the great riding feeling and I wouldn't want to do without them.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Simone R. (translated from German)

Ophena magnetic stirrups

The product was just as advertised and arrived promptly. I love the way they hold myfeetcorrectly inpositionand they are also beautiful to look at.

Product: Ophena S Pro

Verified Review by Barbara B.


Excellent quality. Very effective for optimal positioning of thefootin the stirrup

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Arnaud B. (translated from French)

Best stirrups I’ve had!

These stirrups have helped with my leg andfootposition so much.

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Tilly S.

My daughter loves them

And I love that she won’t get tangled in the stirrups in the event of an unintended dismount. They were shipped quickly and had good instructions. We trimmed the insoles slightly and they work great to keep herfeetin the correctposition We highly recommend!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Erin

Best help to feel safe ❤️

I have had a few accidents and developed a fear and the Ophena gives me the security of not getting caught in the stirrups again, apart from that they always stay perfectly on the ball of thefoot I just love these stirrups 🥰

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Janet M. (translated from German)

I Love these stirrups

Myfeetare always in the correctposition It’s one less thing to think about. As an older rider, I feel sosecurewith these safety stirrups. Did I mention they are stunningly beautiful!!!!!

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Susan E.

Ophena Stirrups

I love these stirrups, they’ve helped me to find my balance and to keep myfootstill and in the right place, I feel super safe with them! GAME CHANGER

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Elin H.

Just love them!

No slipping, no sharp edges scraping on the saddle, easy to use and adapt. Gives good feeling on thefootand also verysecure

Product: Ophena S

Verified Review by Helena B.

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